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Lots in bloom but one of our favorites is finding an elusive cornflower. It is a wildflower & blooms every two years. It grows a large phallic blossom of yellow bliss. They are found occasionally along the roadside, so kinda odd where this this one has sprouted.

It’s leaves are soft w a slight fur feeling to them. After the bloom we pick seeds and hope for two more years that one will grow. Don’t recall them having a scent.


Grow, grow.

Also. A lot more deer. All doe, and close enough to take a shot if was deer season. This deer came within 300 feet and just stared at us. “Like hello human.” – then darted off back into the woods.


Spring is good.

Via iPhone May 30, 2014


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Holy cow batman, know it’s winter but minus 10 degrees air temp? Yep, and the wind is howling. Dunno how to figure windchill but kids are throwing water off porch and it’s turning to snow. Cray.


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Goodness Winter sucks. Less than 100 day ’til Spring- 97 days to be exact. Farm animal water freezing, hay needs to be raked, dog not getting walked, all is harvested & everyone is cold.

So not ready for holidays. Presents, food, drinks etc., and now lake effect snow coming pretty far south- enough to make things slippery for jackwads without trucks. Picture the little old lady driving a ’92 Toyota. Ugh.

Few pix of snow falling – stay warm friends & keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts.



Via iPhone. -30-

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Are you kidding me, there is a David Bowie Music Satellite Channel. XM111- needed a change from patriot radio.


Major Tom very happy, happy.

Nov. 7 2013 viPhone

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A friend was sharing where he lives on Google Maps and I wanted to see if they had flown over our home lately.

We had our driveway resealed in the Spring, so it was my reference point. I was walking through the house doing this and that, and the blue beacon was following my iPhone. Dang!

I suppose we’re just a flea on a camel’s ass so no reason to flyover very often- other than to see if we’re wearing our tinfoil hats! Needless to say, there are no new pictures from up there. The driveway remains unsealed on Maps.

Some incredible technology out and up there. Suppose I could turn location services off when not using maps. My luck I’d loose the phone and Apple couldn’t find it for me.

Also, if you’re interested, streaming LIVE on C-SPAN2: Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Morning Hearing
hearings today. Aka, NSA snooping.



BTW, numerous elections taking place this week, remember to VOTE. Under Pres O- Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS Targeting, Obamacare, Gun Rights, doubles debt, shutsdown government, etc.

Via iPhone. November 4, 2013.

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Two days of snow flurries, but it’s only 145 days until Spring. That’s 145 days of feeding farm animals under usually grey skies that are energy vampires. Wake up in the dark, go to bed in the darkness. Hard to wake up, and the need to go to bed earlier makes one feel like 145 days of hibernation.

This morning, fall is quite visible with many trees having lost leaves during the big turn to immediate cold. Earlier in the week it was in the 60’s and winterizing wasn’t so bad. Now that it’s freezing, not much energy to do deeds that need to be done, especially w frozen fingers.

Here’s a glimpse –



Stay warm friends.

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Via iPhone on Oct 25, 2013


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Pouring rain in the sunshine on the farm. We spot a rainbow and one of the kids hops on the golf cart to find the gold at the end. She is my pot of gold. Lucky me.


In all the chaos of the world, sometimes wishes do come true.

iPhone Oct 3, 2013. -30-

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I can’t stop thinking about the lady in the George Zimmerman case who couldn’t read cursive. So what? One of my kids got an F in cursive in 5thG and can type up a storm on texting and keypads. Who gives a kid an F in cursive anyway?

One of our daughters is behind the pace of her peers w auditory & visual processing, writing, & math. By no means stupid, she reads 4 grades above her current level. It’s a struggle, can’t remember to pickup messes and on to something else. Not ADD, just distracted. Focuses in the now. Not sure there is anything wrong with that-when you are a kid.

Looking at a paper she had to write, she is kind and considerate of the battle of war & race. Her teacher decided to rewrite her story, managing to forget the period at the end of the sentence. No stars or stickers for my kids efforts.

With educational accommodations, the kid wants to be a veterinarian or maybe an astronaut. We’ve given in to every critter imaginable to encourage learning, compassion and love. Chickens, goats, cats, turtles, fish, horses, hamsters, and even a donkey. She knows we have more than 900 exoplanets and that I wanted to be a quantum physicist all my life. My math skill deficiency prevented that- I learn on line, as do they. I ask questions from the likes of Dr. Bob and others on Twitter, who kindly respond to me and the kids most basic questions. Not old enough for their own Twitter accounts, they think a reply from
@genejm29 @cupsdaddy @satispy is like a rock star autograph!

All the kids are space nuts w Satellite & planet apps for viewing and making wishes upon falling stars. Friends think they are nutty until one of the kids finds the ISS w out an app. Funny, they believe in UFO’s- that they are friendly, and just maybe God created them to come to Earth and make people.

I ended up w 3 degrees- Pre-law, Communications and somehow managed enough credits for a Sociology degree. While certainly not brilliant, to see your child struggle just sucks. How is learning so easy for some and not others? Because everyone learns differently. We tell them only God is perfect and he has a plan for you- that you must guide yourself to knowledge, because it is power.

We also remind them how Margret Thatcher was a Prime Minister, but women can’t drive or vote in many parts of the world. That women can be property and to own yourself with good choices. They know about Benghazi, Fort Hood, yesterday’s NavyYard shooting and they watched people fall from WTC. Duck Dynasty might say we teach, “That’s the facts, Jack.”

In 7th & 8th G, they can write a check, have filled out job applications, know what tuition costs & that u have to pay taxes on everything from property to a Popsicle. All the things that school is negligent in teaching. X + Y = U fail.

We all follow politics and Mrs O lunches. They know what it is to pay taxes on an allowance & that social security may not exist when they are old. They held their grandmother’s hand when she died and took the chickens to slaughter. They have killed what we have eaten and are not a bad shot with what is now politically correct to call a, “long gun.” Farmer’ daughters!

The kids loves to paint, everything from funky fingernail designs to originals on paper. Ask what they want
to be when they grows up. “Happy,” is the reply. Good enough. I grew up to be a parent, farmer & happy. Lucky me, I found love along the way. Occasionally the degrees come in handy, but life lessons on how to make others happy has been far more rewarding.

Now we face another round of mandated educational testing in order to receive special accommodations to learn what is taught. The state, district and probably another trip to a renowned neurological clinic to rule out any medical issues. Yep, only God is perfect.

Oh, and common core sucks, but life doesn’t.

Hope u enjoy the read and share here or on twitter.



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Followers and friends know we are car aficionados. We have four vehicles between two adults.

The dream car, a 1969 Chevy Camaro is out of our price range- upward of $50k. Have this fun 1964 Ford woody wagon but just got a ticket for no brake lights. Can’t drive that til fixed. Not sure if it even came w brake lights. Doesn’t have rear seatbelts- kids freak out.

Have a Saturn SUV, named POS- piece of sh*t. Can’t find the dang keys. Really a sturdy thing, two people have rear ended it, one being me who slammed into spouses truck and the other being the spouse who rammed it into another truck. Lousy back visibility. Note do not park behind it. It’s the go to transportation for kids soccer, and sports, goes like a bat out of hell in the snow.

Then there is is the toy, a shiny red 20+ year old Corvette! Coming home from dinner blew a tie rod – maybe the whole flipping engine. Sounded like death, no power steering, no brakes n coasted down drive. Of course it rained so now soaking wet. Shoved the kids in one seat and they were flipping out- calmness by driver prevailed. Crap- the last of the operable autos.

Basically no transportation and it sucks. Nothing to pick up for dinner, no six pack, no nothing. Stuck.

So here we sit. Pizza man delivers. He’s from Mexico- came to USA on a work visa. One month and he has a car, a place to live and a job. He’s not driving to Mexico, he’s going to stay and bring his family here legally and become a US citizen, so he says. He’s driving a beater Honda and it runs. Jealous.

To Henry Ford and all the others who made and make cars, it isn’t really about the profit, (lol) it the freedom gained to travel this great nation. For that we would pay almost any price. To get to the grocery store, a run to Walmart, a trip to the dentist, a school drop off, a ride to work, a trip to the beach, a drive to church & grandma’s house – we need cars.

Dear Arab friends who ban women from driving, have y’all lost your mind? Fresh food daily, children doing what kids do, friendships, trust, freedom to come home because someone who loves you awaits you.

Needless to say we are country farmer bumpkins, no trains, no subways and it’s all good til no cars work. Hmm, think we could drive a tractor to the grocery?

Now where the hell are my keys and the number for the tow truck?




Btw Made in the USA:)
iPhone post Sept 8, 2013.

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What do you think President Obama might say on Tuesday regarding a war on Syria? Our guess is something like this…

On the eve on September 11 when terrorists smashed planes into the World Trade Center, and our embassy at Bengazi was attacked, it is imperative that we defend innocent people from harms way. Blah, blah, blah. The USA will stand with the Taliban to defeat Assad and restore democracy. I’d also line you to consider Hillary 2016 for the outstanding commitments she’s made to answering why it matters.

I’d like to remind you of the holocaust, having just finished the Jewish New Year celebration, that we can begin a new. That the book of life isn’t closed. That we can work together to end atrocities by bombing Syria as punishment for using weapons of mass destruction. That even tho we have no support from the United Nations and against international law, the USA will stand by the red line.

We ask our North American Union partner, Mexico to return any weapons bc we are broke and sequestration means we need them back. Our border remains aloof to security so if you’d like to join up that would be great.

Blah blah blah. In conclusion, while we promised no boots on the ground, we will need them to secure chemical depots. These WMD may have come from the USA, UK and other allies but that’s the facts jack. And we will continue to support our military contracts bc we see no evidence of a coup in Egypt.

Lastly, I want to thank Sen McCain, who understands the battles of war and my chosen Secretary of State who petitioned against war in Vietnam. And special props to Dennis Rodman who continues to reach out to our North Korean friends.

On tomorrow’s schedule, I will be golfing and sending Veep Joe to bumble a few words prior to the moment of silence. For lunch,
my kids will be eating gourmet and studying hard while the rest of you eat less than 1100 calories and have common core stuffed down your throat w 11 minutes of recess.

Almost forgot, May God Bless The United States of America.

– Just a guess.

Via the 3 inch iPhone, sry typos.
Aug 7, 2013







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