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Article 1 Section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution is known as the Commerce Clause and is the subject of this article with respect to the upcoming Obamacare ruling and possible false flags Obama could threaten this year and most certainly in the first year of his second term.  The Commerce Clause:

gives Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.”

It restricts the power of Congress to regulate commerce among the states, not within the states.

Nearly all of the New Deal involved regulation of commerce that was not only interstate commerce but also commerce within a state or even was not commerce at all. None of these regulations would survive as constitutional or could be implemented under the Supreme Court’s then-prevailing constitutional precedents. .~conservapedia

Obama and the democrats not-so veiled public threats

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Here is a first on the farm, A dove nest with two eggs in it. It is right outside our bedroom window and we’ve been hearing them coo at night. Rather romantic. Rumor is they mate for life. Too bad more humans don’t.

Too be honest if they were quail eggs, well…they might just be hard boiled.

Oh, and we got blasted by a skunk at 4 am. Couldn’t see it but sure could smell it. Running from widow to window to keep the stench out. Pee u.

Wondering if the skunk didn’t get startled by the pigeons?


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Grow, grow, growing your corn…. Knee high by 4th of July. Little bit a rain wouldn’t hurt.


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Watts Up With That?

From EOS,  Vol. 93, No. 25, 19 June 2012

White House and Agencies Focus on Space Weather Concerns

“Space weather is a serious matter that can affect human economies around the world,” Tamara Dickinson, a senior policy analyst with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), told attendees at the 2012 Space Weather Enterprise Forum, held 5 June in Washington, D. C. With the 2013 solar maximum nearing, researchers and government agencies are focusing on how the greater solar activity could affect our increasingly technological society and what measures can be taken to help prevent or mitigate any threats to the electricity grid, GPS, and other potentially vulnerable technologies.

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Radar showing a beautiful clear morning, cloud free. The iPhone camera shows blue skies, smeared in chemtrails.


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If there are chemtrails today, we can’t see them over the low ceiling of clouds. The hygrometer reads 60 making it very humid with on and off rain. With the lack of snow, the water table is down and the crops are thirsty.

The collage of heart clouds in the sky appears to be chemtrail free. We didn’t take it but sure do like it. And we love our followers on WP and twitter.


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Chemtrails are back this morning w rain later to help spread the chemicals.


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