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Lots in bloom but one of our favorites is finding an elusive cornflower. It is a wildflower & blooms every two years. It grows a large phallic blossom of yellow bliss. They are found occasionally along the roadside, so kinda odd where this this one has sprouted.

It’s leaves are soft w a slight fur feeling to them. After the bloom we pick seeds and hope for two more years that one will grow. Don’t recall them having a scent.


Grow, grow.

Also. A lot more deer. All doe, and close enough to take a shot if was deer season. This deer came within 300 feet and just stared at us. “Like hello human.” – then darted off back into the woods.


Spring is good.

Via iPhone May 30, 2014


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The Clematis (KLEma-tis) is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, and they are finally blooming on the farm. It’s official no more frost!

Pretty purple flower discovered while painting the fence. Happy weekend!



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Tick and I don’t mean Tock. Coldest spring on record and we’re under attack from ticks. Last night at dinner felt a little itch around waist and sure as shit, plucked a tick from my tidy white waistband. Stabbed it right on the dinner table. Real appetizing. Kids
freaking out.

Another busy day today of digging out trenches, weeding and mulching on the farm. Wore a hat most of the day. 70 degrees, sunny and windy as shit.

Grabbed a beer and a burrito. Laid down for bed and sure as shit another tick- this time on my head. DISGUSTING. Came right out with a pull but nasty, nasty.

Doesn’t seem to be too fat from having sucked my blood for who knows how long. I am hoping the little bugger wasn’t there for days and does not carry Lyme’s Disease. No spots on the bastard that I can tell.

Just nasty. Hmm, going to ask the vet
is we can use flea and tick medicine on humans! The Deet sure as shit isn’t working.


May 6, 2013

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