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I can’t stop thinking about the lady in the George Zimmerman case who couldn’t read cursive. So what? One of my kids got an F in cursive in 5thG and can type up a storm on texting and keypads. Who gives a kid an F in cursive anyway?

One of our daughters is behind the pace of her peers w auditory & visual processing, writing, & math. By no means stupid, she reads 4 grades above her current level. It’s a struggle, can’t remember to pickup messes and on to something else. Not ADD, just distracted. Focuses in the now. Not sure there is anything wrong with that-when you are a kid.

Looking at a paper she had to write, she is kind and considerate of the battle of war & race. Her teacher decided to rewrite her story, managing to forget the period at the end of the sentence. No stars or stickers for my kids efforts.

With educational accommodations, the kid wants to be a veterinarian or maybe an astronaut. We’ve given in to every critter imaginable to encourage learning, compassion and love. Chickens, goats, cats, turtles, fish, horses, hamsters, and even a donkey. She knows we have more than 900 exoplanets and that I wanted to be a quantum physicist all my life. My math skill deficiency prevented that- I learn on line, as do they. I ask questions from the likes of Dr. Bob and others on Twitter, who kindly respond to me and the kids most basic questions. Not old enough for their own Twitter accounts, they think a reply from
@genejm29 @cupsdaddy @satispy is like a rock star autograph!

All the kids are space nuts w Satellite & planet apps for viewing and making wishes upon falling stars. Friends think they are nutty until one of the kids finds the ISS w out an app. Funny, they believe in UFO’s- that they are friendly, and just maybe God created them to come to Earth and make people.

I ended up w 3 degrees- Pre-law, Communications and somehow managed enough credits for a Sociology degree. While certainly not brilliant, to see your child struggle just sucks. How is learning so easy for some and not others? Because everyone learns differently. We tell them only God is perfect and he has a plan for you- that you must guide yourself to knowledge, because it is power.

We also remind them how Margret Thatcher was a Prime Minister, but women can’t drive or vote in many parts of the world. That women can be property and to own yourself with good choices. They know about Benghazi, Fort Hood, yesterday’s NavyYard shooting and they watched people fall from WTC. Duck Dynasty might say we teach, “That’s the facts, Jack.”

In 7th & 8th G, they can write a check, have filled out job applications, know what tuition costs & that u have to pay taxes on everything from property to a Popsicle. All the things that school is negligent in teaching. X + Y = U fail.

We all follow politics and Mrs O lunches. They know what it is to pay taxes on an allowance & that social security may not exist when they are old. They held their grandmother’s hand when she died and took the chickens to slaughter. They have killed what we have eaten and are not a bad shot with what is now politically correct to call a, “long gun.” Farmer’ daughters!

The kids loves to paint, everything from funky fingernail designs to originals on paper. Ask what they want
to be when they grows up. “Happy,” is the reply. Good enough. I grew up to be a parent, farmer & happy. Lucky me, I found love along the way. Occasionally the degrees come in handy, but life lessons on how to make others happy has been far more rewarding.

Now we face another round of mandated educational testing in order to receive special accommodations to learn what is taught. The state, district and probably another trip to a renowned neurological clinic to rule out any medical issues. Yep, only God is perfect.

Oh, and common core sucks, but life doesn’t.

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The “Education Drives America” Back-to-School Bus Tour starts Sept. 12, 2012. It will take The Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and senior ED staff coast-to-coast highlighting education successes and engaging communities in conversations about school reform (P-12), college affordability and completion, and the link between education and jobs.


Whoop dee do.

It’s all good to get out of the office and mingle on how to improve our kids education but, the timing stinks. Hello, there is a huge teacher strike in Chicago. 350,000 kids, many reflecting the nations economic impoverished. Must be tough on Mayor Rahm to sit across the negating table with the folks who donated to his campaign to get him elected.

How much money is this bus tour costing the taxpayers? Bus looks pretty spiffy all wrapped up to advertise the tour. Fuel, food, accommodations. This can’t be cheap.

The FACT that we offer money to non-citizens is just, well like finger nails down a chalkboard. “Give us your tired and poor…” America is tired and getting poorer. And we still have no budget. Wouldn’t you like to have a 3 year spending spree with no payback in sight?

Then there’s this,

“Many non-U.S. citizens qualify for federal student aid. Don’t assume you can’t get aid just because you’re not a citizen.” See if you qualify.

There are some reasonable exceptions to why someone might be able to qualify for Federal money paying for school but being here illegally with an expired green card should not be one. How many foreign students get aid and then leave the country never getting a job or creating jobs or paying taxes? Hopefully more stay and participate in our democracy and become taxpayers.

Maybe b/c it’s Patriot Day, the 9-11 anniversary that brings back the memory of Pres O saying at some point that America wasn’t exceptional. Maybe it was when he was bowing to one of the Kings.

Well America is exceptional. American citizen students and people who are here legally should come first.

No exception.

Rant. You know you want to.

God Bless the USA.

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President Obama and I disagree on a lot of things, but his idea of my children spending more time in school puts me over the edge of disgust.

With props to Mommy Life http://mommylife.net/archives/2009/09/obama_kids_need.html  I stumbled into an AP article saying, “Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe.

Besides the fact that I have never seen any documentation of President Obama’s primary or secondary education, he is wrong.  Students around the globe come to America for the best education in the world, dear Sir.  There is no run for the border to Italy, Algeria, Egypt or elsewhere for higher learning.  Frig being a Rhodes scholar.

The public and parochial school systems may often be nothing more than over inflated propaganda machines at times.  It is hard to teach true grit and the idea of hard work and the desire to be the best.  I see the handouts of xerox copies from antiquated books and hear of the President of the United States saying study hard and if a poor black kid can make it so can you. 

The NEA and standardized testing teaches nothing as to what it takes to get ahead in this world.  One plus one used to equal two until President Obama’s socialistic programs came along to teach that you should spread the wealth so far that you will end up into negative territory.  Way to teach algebra.

Told my kids that even though they studied hard and got an A on the test everyone was getting a C.  That was only fair so that everyone would pass right?  Redistributing things so that they alone were not rewarded.  They got attention pdq.

One commentator at Mommy Life wrote- “Children need more love, more hugs, more kisses, more nature walks, more reading, more church camps, more gardening, more beach days, more pumpkin picking with Grandma, more museum visits, more visits to the elderly, more science center trips with Dad, more stories on Mommy’s lap, more LIFE!!”  I couldn’t agree more.

I am a working adult and I too need more time for love, hugs, and kisses to be bestowed upon my children.  I kiss and hug up my spouse all the time in front of the children.  It is called displays of affection and love. They need to see it and what is acceptable in a healthy relationship as they mature.  No government and no school is going to teach that – no matter how many hours they are forced to attend.

Our school offers something called ARC- a faith based youth group that goes out to do service deeds.  My eight year old absolutely refused to join saying that she does enough to help her grandmother with Alzheimer’s and that this group only pretends for a few hours to do the right thing.  That they don’t live community service,  they play and join when it is convenient.  That is grit- taught at home.  She is the only one out of the entire class that lives community service everyday, not just on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour.

The convenience of a school day to accomplish tasks is nice as a parent I must admit, but to think that more time in a structured environment will encourage more productivity is bull $hit.

It is the families job to have control of its children’s minds and hearts- not the governments.  Our youngest child is up at 6:30 am, gets home at 3, does homework for an hour, has dinner, grabs a shower, watches a few minutes of TV and sleeps. Throw in a soccer practice, track meet or some other extra curricular activity and the time spent as a family is reduced.  Play time—lol.

No wonder people buy their kids cell phones at the age of 5- the push to do more, be more, burn yourself out and forget about being a kid when all they have to do to say “I love you” to a parent is to text them. 

Imagination comes from play.  Sadly those days are few and far between during the school year.  Imagine if the apple had not hit Einstein, if no one dreamt of going to the moon, if all work and no play made Johnny so dull he never invented golf, tennis, football, basketball, etc.

Mr. President Sir- even you made time for trips to Hawaii and Cape Cod with your family.  Two whole weeks with your kids.  I for one, want every weekend and everyday of summer to enjoy our children.  To know them, for them to know me.  To know their favorite color, to buy a balloon and them tell me where it might go and who might find it when it is let go at the end of the day.  To go skiing on a snowy day, to head to the beach for spring break without the punishment of homework.

Letting go of our children to be productive citizens means we have done our jobs as parents and in no uncertain terms, it is not the job of the government.

The idea that schoolchildren are being indoctrinated to idolize President Barack Obama is ludacris and makes me wonder why now he has chosen to express his thought that kids need to spend more time in school.  Respect for the office yes but that is not what is coming across.   http://www.bostonherald.com/news/us_politics/view/20090926obama_song_prompts_school_probe/

President Obama you can not even control the spiraling debt, stay the fu(k out of my family time.

From School Kids Forced to Sing Praises to Obama! Indoctrination?
These elementary school kids are forced to sing songs of praise and worship to President Obama. Right or wrong? 


Is it all just an indoctrination to the Obama youth civilian corps and the youth volunteer act?

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