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Romney is loosing, at least in social media and we want to know why. How does someone run a campaign and tweet once in a 24 hour period as Romney has done?

There is so much to say in 140 characters. Ask for money. Tell is where u are. What did u have for breakfast? Did u go to church today? Are u tweeting on an Obama phone? Ha. Did you know in Ohio alone, taxpayer money for the year is around $75 MILLION dollars?

The 2000th USA soldier death in Afghanistan was today, how about a comment? And, the latest death was caused by our supposed allies- an Afghani traitor.

What do u think of the polls? Who won that contest to fly w u on the campaign trail? Who is your favorite football team? Where r u watching a game? Do u even like football?

Have u ever been to Disney? Do u like Pluto, the 7 Dwarfs or Bambi better? Thinking on Bambi, someone gave Ryan a sweet gun in Ohio yesterday. Do you hunt? Are u a vegetarian? Do u wish Portman was your running mate to have sealed Ohio?

Do you drink beer? Obama is brewing his own in the White House! Are u a diet pop kinda guy? Do u eat white bread or wheat? Pepsi v Coke?

Tweet something, anything. Don’t sit on the sidelines while Obama ads attack u and he out tweets u. U have big shoulders, we’d like to see a little muscle behind them. We know Ryan’s workout, what’s yours?

What did u have for dinner? Where? What is the most favorite thing Ann cooks? We know Obama likes sweet potatoes- not that it we give a crap but America has gotten to know him more personally than u.

Obama 6400 tweets. Romney 1188. Followers- Obama 20 million, Romney 1 million. Granted Obama has been tweeting longer, but this one tweet a day crap is not going to help win an election.

Tweet sir tweet, and tell the American people why four more years of Obama is not the change we need.

Maybe Romney is actually spending time reading the daily security briefs that he is now entitled to, and is too busy. We’d like to think Obama reads them too, in-between Letterman, The View and dinner w JayZ. Even Clinton was on Letterman playing the sax. A new low for a President.

The band is going to play on. Sure would be nice to hear the National Anthem playing when Romney takes the Presidential Oath on Inauguration Day. And if Obama wins, let’s hope he doesn’t flub his lines and have to take the oath again behind closed doors.

Sunday rant over. Off to the twitter sphere.




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Friday morning sky sure was funky. Started out w a clear blue sky laced w chemtrails or contrails. Whatever u call them, it’s effluent.

Then the fog rolled in, leaving us w rainbows.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds! (Mobile devices may have to click on headline for 3 images)




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Maps have gone bat shit crazy. So we walk from one side to the other side and the damn satellite follows us! Amazing, scary technology.



This was a Google test, Apple failed.

If u think for one flipping moment someone, somewhere can’t find your
ass -u r so mistaken.


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HAARP on-line data went down September 7, 2012. Storms, technical issues or just a computer update?

It’s back online before expected. We see a few improvements. Welcome back HAARP, for better or worse we’ve missed you.

HAARP home page


Alas the facility itself remains fuzzy on maps. Maybe Apple will catch a better image.

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Still not convinced cloud seeding exists? Yawn, wake up.

Western Weather Consultants
Company is Seeking to Renew is Cloud Seeding Permit! The Colorado Water Conservation Board is holding a meeting later today.

“Western Weather Consultants wants to renew its permit for the next five winters so it can do cloud seeding for Denver Water, Colorado Springs Utilities and others. The goal is to boost precipitation and snowpack to benefit water users, from farmers to ski areas.

The company uses ground-based generators to produce silver iodide crystals that become the center of clouds.” AP 5 Year Permit

HT to Coyote Gulch


The cloud seeding program is seemingly designed with the use of public money over private land without voter approval or landowners permission. Do you own the clouds over your head?

And the implications of years of accumulation of silver iodide in the water? The air? Dirt? Who know if anyone bothers to test.

MSDS hazmat Silver Iodine

Looks like its only harmful if you inject it, breath it or get it on your skin. Whew!

There’s about a snowballs chance in hell we would eat a snowball in Colorado.

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The flag of the USA according to Obama.


It is no longer available on the campaign fundraising site. We hardly doubt it was a sell out.

Be not dismayed friends, u can still enter to win a dinner with Barack Obama.


If Michelle chooses the menu, you may want to eat first as most assuredly, you will go home hungry.

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Would U look at that? A jet w no contrails or chemtrails. Flying pretty low for these parts. Have so much air traffic any more that the dog barks at them before we can spot them in our air space. Big cloud kinda day.


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Time to till the ground for Winter Wheat. Non GMO. Still a few days from planting as we generally follow the fuller moon, but it’s a nice day and soil easy to till from recent rains.

Imagine, people grow what you eat.

Thank a farmer.


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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Pres O has released a new flag for the United States of America.

The “Our Stripes Flag Print” can be yours for $35.


That’s some big fortitude to alter the flag of the USA. We’re pretty sure our military who fight to defend the real stars and stripes would find this disgusting, just like all the extreme Muslim fanatics who are burning USA flags around the world.

And what is That One doing about it? Running tv ads in Pakistan about religious freedom.

“So let’s get this straight: The State Department spent seventy grand of taxpayer money to have the Secretary of State and the President of the United States apologize for a film they “allegedly” had nothing to do with. Well it’s nice to know our money is being spent so wisely by Hussein and his administration as they continue to apologize for someone simply exercising their First Amendment rights, instead of reprimanding those who have been attacking the U.S. embassy there in Pakistan. Writes,

What a travesty.

How about educating whack jobs on freedom of speech?

And now the WH compares the Mideast upheaval to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Wake the eff up people. At The Berlin Wall no embassy staff were killed and raped.

Time to bring home our troops. No more money for countries whose people hate us. Close the embassies and don’t let the door hit anyone in the ass.

And for an incredible rant on why we shouldn’t tolerate not only the Muslim extremists, but Pres O’s lack of action, read this Ambassador Stevens’s brutal death at the hands of Radical Islam

For America, please vote Romney.


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Just another Chemtrail sunrise. -photo.


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