It’s a Conspiracy

Coronavirus Conspiracy. Ya think?


Test. 1

Been Awhile

Greetings and salutations. Its been since 2017 with a new post, time flies. Trump is president for heck’s sake! Whoo hoo, he’s MAGA.

WP doesn’t make it easy to use on a mobile. Perhaps the new app?

We shall see if that’s any easier.

Pop Tarts

Just a Test



This is just a test bc u know, every good boy does fine.

BTW – XFiles on FOX 8pm EST.

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Now where did WP move the add photo option on mobile? Anyone?



Crazy. It’s been more than 6 months since a post on the ahrcanum site. Had to renew our domain name today before it expired. For sale domains are meatloafmondays & meatloafmonday. Farm is fine, kids are good, animals are running in the snow, so most all is well.  Best bet, Twitter @ahrcanum There have been so many WordPress updates, not sure we can keep up with the changes. Cant even figure out how to import a photo anymore. Old folks you know!

What’s not so good is the American dream. From Common Core, to ISIS / ISL, wars, politics, news, etc. SNAFU. Less than two years ’til a new occupant in the White House, pray it is not Hillary. Who will rep for the GOP is anyones guess. Walker, maybe Rubio?

Keep the faith & keep checking back! Regards.