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Lots in bloom but one of our favorites is finding an elusive cornflower. It is a wildflower & blooms every two years. It grows a large phallic blossom of yellow bliss. They are found occasionally along the roadside, so kinda odd where this this one has sprouted.

It’s leaves are soft w a slight fur feeling to them. After the bloom we pick seeds and hope for two more years that one will grow. Don’t recall them having a scent.


Grow, grow.

Also. A lot more deer. All doe, and close enough to take a shot if was deer season. This deer came within 300 feet and just stared at us. “Like hello human.” – then darted off back into the woods.


Spring is good.

Via iPhone May 30, 2014


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Ask Siri what airplanes are flying over your head and she can tell you. Took her a few seconds to think about that, low and behold- Siri is a smart chick. Gave me a whole list. Ck it out. Its like a free flight tracker app. Nice.


Wonder how many people are in the sky at any given time? I’ll ask Siri! Safe travels this Memorial Day weekend. God Bless America.


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Finally, the Azelias are in full bloom. Got lucky and found rare orange and yellow ones to plant. Sitting on the porch debating what chore to do next, they smell like heaven. Not like funeral flower smell either!

Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday. We have four days off which translates into four days of farm work. Maybe we can unstick the tractor! No rain in forecast.

Deer are running every where too. All doe so far. Here’s a shot of one being chased by the geese.



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We get the whole spring rain, nasty winter crap but this is cray! Heading to basement.


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It’s too wet to plant. Believe you me tried, now have a tractor stuck in mud. The rain meter is completely full, meaning more than 14 inches of rain has fallen in May.

While we have 3 pond/lakes on property only one has been stocked with goldfish & Koi. Pretty cool when they jump, not so cool when the herons show up n eat them. I am a firm believer in heron kill season, but it’s against the law- sigh. I aim overhead and off they go.

Lots of things blooming. Grape vines & fruit trees look ok after the harsh winter. Today found a lonely Alum (?sp) related to garlic family. Nice surprise.


Sad for the Pittsburgh Penquins. Pens lost series after leading the series. Guessing a coach & goal tending change.


Pool opens today- happy happy. C’mon over if you’re around FEMA #5. enjoying spring!



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Hard to believe but Ahrcanum has been on Twitter seven years. Happy #twitterversary to us. Consider joining us on twitter @ahrcanum


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