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Ticks suck. Up to number 8 on this farmer. It’s gross, disgusting and yes- ticks suck your blood. Edward and Bella from the movie, “Twilight” got nothing on this family. Me 8, dog 2, rabbit 1, spouse 1. Kids ZERO!

Pausing for a pizza snack and another tick shows up. Really? Like I was about to wipe my mouth w that napkin!

How we don’t have Lyme’s disease is beyond me. Annual tests say no, thank you God. What? We should stay inside? Eff that. It’s what we do, grow food, garden, plant, raise animals.

You are welcome.

Some son of a bugger at the gas statio asked where we were on vacation bc we are all tan. Replied, “on a tractor.” Get a life. Some work in an office and we are blessed- our office is on the farm.

Really tho- a tick on my effn napkin? A tick that has ticked me off. DISGUSTING.

Burn baby, burn.


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Yes, it looks like our apple trees survived the frost. The grapes- well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Just another day as a farmer.



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Caught the possum, finally! Something has been digging up under the footer of our house. The steps have started caving in that’s how much digging this bugger has done. We were expecting a groundhog. Put apples w peanut butter, cherries but it was the cantaloupe that the possum could not resist. This thing hissed like no tomorrow, showing teeth and salivating all gross.

So now what? Kill it? Thinking as a marsupial it’s got babies. Shit. What are the possum rules? Sure as hell not going to eat it.

Called a farmer friend said we could release it in the middle of his 1000’s of acres. Ha, I wanted to spray paint his ass orange so if it came back we’d know it was the same possum. Figures no paint.

Anyway, it’s getting a truck ride this morning. Now someone has to fix my steps and a whole lot of holes around the house. That would be me. Ugh.

Adios possum.



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A peaceful start of the day until this goose starts making a racket. We snuck up her nest and was none to happy. Ah nature on a farm.

Oh and check out the clematis- full of blooms!



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It is an absoduckinglutely gorgeous sky today. Perfectly blue, light, fluffy floating clouds. Not one chemtrail. Not one contrail.

Where are all the airplanes?


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Right now there is calm before the storm on the farm, but it’s not going to last long by the looks of the sky. Rumbling noises abound and a wallop of a thunderstorm is imminent.

We need the rain though, May has brought only one inch so far. Much to our dismay weather forecast is calling for a chance of frost. The other farms have one inch high corn and while we’ve held off planting, they have to be nervous. Our fruit trees are blooming and flower beds planted. Pray no frost!

Can’t imagine those folks in Oklahoma what the sky must have looked like. Might head to the basement just in case. Stay safe friends.


May 23, 2013

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The Clematis (KLEma-tis) is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, and they are finally blooming on the farm. It’s official no more frost!

Pretty purple flower discovered while painting the fence. Happy weekend!



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We hate Herons. Nothing about them is good, they’re on the menu nowhere.

Crack of dawn and I can see a great big heron standing still by our lake. These effn birds eat 10 pounds of fish a day so it’s always a constant battle to chase them away.

Herons, at least our visitor was very friendly and let me get 15 feet from him where he eating yet another of my goldfish. The thought crosses my mind to grab a firearm and pop him.

The heron takes off and the 7 inch fish is flipping. I pick it up and try to revive by holding it in the water to get some water into its gills. No luck. Dead fish.

Walk a few feet and there is another giant goldfish, deader than dead. Now I don’t know how long it takes a fish to grow but these two were pretty old, and pretty to boot. My kids stocked the lake with 50 minnow sized ones 7 years ago and they’ve been doing what fish do ever since. These fish were so fat, likely getting ready to spawn.

Set my kids glove by them to give you an idea of the size of his meal. No doubt the heron will be back for breakfast.





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Tick and I don’t mean Tock. Coldest spring on record and we’re under attack from ticks. Last night at dinner felt a little itch around waist and sure as shit, plucked a tick from my tidy white waistband. Stabbed it right on the dinner table. Real appetizing. Kids
freaking out.

Another busy day today of digging out trenches, weeding and mulching on the farm. Wore a hat most of the day. 70 degrees, sunny and windy as shit.

Grabbed a beer and a burrito. Laid down for bed and sure as shit another tick- this time on my head. DISGUSTING. Came right out with a pull but nasty, nasty.

Doesn’t seem to be too fat from having sucked my blood for who knows how long. I am hoping the little bugger wasn’t there for days and does not carry Lyme’s Disease. No spots on the bastard that I can tell.

Just nasty. Hmm, going to ask the vet
is we can use flea and tick medicine on humans! The Deet sure as shit isn’t working.


May 6, 2013

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Chemtrails suck. PHOTOS! Radar has not a cloud in the sky, and then the aircraft show up obscuring what should be a sunny day. It’s 70 degrees on the farm, at 30,000 feet it is surely colder. Yet even in the heart of winter, we rarely see the kind of obfuscation of the sun by chemtrails.

Why do some planes leave effluent and others do not? We suspect something is added to the fuel to cause the chemtrails. We get that contrails exist and then dissipate, chemtrails take forever to dissolve. We are all working outside on the farm, making efforts to plant and feed the animals, just what are we breathing? What are they spraying?

In photos, here’s a nice day taken over by chemtrail crap.











No UFO’s- only a few lens flares.

May 3, 2013.


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