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Followers and friends know we are car aficionados. We have four vehicles between two adults.

The dream car, a 1969 Chevy Camaro is out of our price range- upward of $50k. Have this fun 1964 Ford woody wagon but just got a ticket for no brake lights. Can’t drive that til fixed. Not sure if it even came w brake lights. Doesn’t have rear seatbelts- kids freak out.

Have a Saturn SUV, named POS- piece of sh*t. Can’t find the dang keys. Really a sturdy thing, two people have rear ended it, one being me who slammed into spouses truck and the other being the spouse who rammed it into another truck. Lousy back visibility. Note do not park behind it. It’s the go to transportation for kids soccer, and sports, goes like a bat out of hell in the snow.

Then there is is the toy, a shiny red 20+ year old Corvette! Coming home from dinner blew a tie rod – maybe the whole flipping engine. Sounded like death, no power steering, no brakes n coasted down drive. Of course it rained so now soaking wet. Shoved the kids in one seat and they were flipping out- calmness by driver prevailed. Crap- the last of the operable autos.

Basically no transportation and it sucks. Nothing to pick up for dinner, no six pack, no nothing. Stuck.

So here we sit. Pizza man delivers. He’s from Mexico- came to USA on a work visa. One month and he has a car, a place to live and a job. He’s not driving to Mexico, he’s going to stay and bring his family here legally and become a US citizen, so he says. He’s driving a beater Honda and it runs. Jealous.

To Henry Ford and all the others who made and make cars, it isn’t really about the profit, (lol) it the freedom gained to travel this great nation. For that we would pay almost any price. To get to the grocery store, a run to Walmart, a trip to the dentist, a school drop off, a ride to work, a trip to the beach, a drive to church & grandma’s house – we need cars.

Dear Arab friends who ban women from driving, have y’all lost your mind? Fresh food daily, children doing what kids do, friendships, trust, freedom to come home because someone who loves you awaits you.

Needless to say we are country farmer bumpkins, no trains, no subways and it’s all good til no cars work. Hmm, think we could drive a tractor to the grocery?

Now where the hell are my keys and the number for the tow truck?




Btw Made in the USA:)
iPhone post Sept 8, 2013.

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