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Large collection of HAARP / RADAR documents — Barium clouds , Plasma Mirrors, Tomography, Weather Modification

An amazing compilation of data on HAARP — CLICK ON THE HYPERLINKS …



Originally posted, with much more information by Sincedutch March 29, 2013.


-30- iPhone

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The NRA has launched the Stand And Fight ad campaign for you to change your avatars on social media to show your support for gun rights in America.


The NRA Stand And Fight campaign is supposed to show support for the right to keep and bar arms. We are members of the NRA, believe in the 2nd Amendment and like many of you, are horrified at an increasing gun culture of gun violence. Gabby Giffords, Newtown, and The Dark Knight shooter are abominable acts by insane cowards.

Since these events, the Second Amendment has been challenged by the federal, state and local governments. As it reads-

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Repeat- SHALL NOT. Americans are the militia of I, as in I and you have the right to defense.

The NRA fights a good fight, but its new badge of Stand And Fight makes us take pause. We do not want to Stand And Fight, we want to Stand And Defend. Having a firearm with or without a Concealed Carry permit does not make one prone to fight but to avoid the situation. To be able to defend. Hear someone breaking and entering? Call 911, try to get out of the area, hide etc. Not walk down the hall like on TV and start firing away. The best defense is a good offense.

Washington D.C. and Chicago have been among the toughest cities where anti-gun laws had been enacted. Also cities with pretty damned high crime rates and murders. The courts justifibily found most of the prohibitive gun laws otherwise http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment2/amendment.html and reversed much of the stifiling laws. Yet, Mayor Bloomberg has made gun control another vendetta in NYC along with cigarettes, and soft drinks. He recently outlawed ammo clips with more than seven shots. The idiot apparently never checked because there are no manufactures of seven rounds. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns this week launched a $12 million ad campaign supporting increased gun control. $12 MILLION DOLLARS? yup.

We do not want to Stand And Fight, we’d prefer to get out of a situation without ever having to use a firearm in the first place.

Does that mean we are not ready, locked and loaded? No.

We are not looking for a fight. We look to defend the 2nd Amendment and will do so- until, as they say, someone takes it from our cold dead hands.

March 28, 2013 via laptop-


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A Cow Raffle  is rattling PETA as a boy tries to raise money for a trip to Scotland.

The parents of a 14-year-old boy are furious after PETA protested their son’s cow raffle – and then sent the child a link to a website filled with former Playboy models wearing “lettuce” bikinis.

“My wife and I were incensed,” said Scott Ward, of Slidell, La. “It was definitely not appropriate for a 14-year-old boy.”

Ward’s son, Logan, is raffling the cow to pay for a summer trip to Europe. He was recently selected as an student ambassador for People-to-People and has to raise $8,000 for the 19-day journey.

The Chicks-on-the-Right website first reported the story of the Ward Family and Fox contributor Todd Starnes picked it up to bring more attention to the story wich can be read here – http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/peta-protests-14-year-olds-cow-raffle.html

Due to the overwhelming response and number of requests to offer donations to Logan Ward and his family after our cyber-attack from PETA, we [sic Scott Ward, Logan Ward’s father] have created this page to allow people to donate directly to help send Logan on his trip. It’s also a place for those who want to donate because they are just as incensed with PETA and the other so-called animal activists as we were when they attacked our 14 year old son and our family. This page is NOT for ticket sales. Thank you for your support of our family!! https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/0TKGb

$97 Raised so far

7 Contributors

50 Days left

Ends May 15, 2013 at 11:59PM PST
Are you kidding me? $97. That is generous of the seven contributors, but that amount of money is barely going to buy this kids meals for a day in Europe.
What a missed marketing opportunity for the meat industry to remind PETA that meat is good, you know, “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.”  The beef campaign is part of the US Commodity checkoff program that gets its funds from producers of an agricultural commodity program and uses the money to promote it.  Blah, Blah.  Where are the big meat and food players here?
Hello Tyson Foods!  One of the world’s largest processors & marketers of chicken, beef & pork, as well as all those appetizers and snacks ought to be chomping to step up and sponsor this kid entirely!  http://tyson.com Or maybe the privately held Cargill!  http://www.cargill.com .
There is nothing like putting a face to a marketing campaign.  Logan Ward seems like the all American kid with decent grades, a Boy Scout, etc.  The perfect face for the meat industry and a means to combat things like the “Lettuce Ladies” of PETA. Either the National Beef Association, Cargill, Tyson or some similar company needs to step up to the plate here and pay for this kids trip in return for an endorsement of self sufficiency, family values and in support the of the beef industry.
March 26, 2013 via laptop

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“Money, money, money…,” Pink Floyd.  Rick Newman from US News and World Report claims the reason the economy and consumer confidence is rising is because of an underground economy called cash!  That people are trying to avoid taxes and the chance that personal wealth may be siezed.  Imagine that as the EU orders Cypress Banks to seize 10% of all savings accounts. 

Our humble opinion is that it is more than cash, it is the knowledge that for the most part cash remains untraceable.  Want to buy ammunition, booze, cigarettes,fuel, a generator, too many batteries, vegetable seeds when you’re not a farmer?   Anything that might be slightly questionable? Pay cash, an untraceable purchase.   No one need know how many beers you drink or how many miles you go to get it.

A Pew Reserach Center report claimed that in the US, three quarters of citizens don’t trust the government!  The trust in institutions is being questioned and no one should be surprised.  From Fast & Furious to Benghazi, to all the way back to President Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex with that woman- it should be no surprise why eyebrows rise.  Credit cards, library cards, iP logs -all leaving trails for Google or the Government.

Yep, cash is King.

March19, 2013 via hacked laptop(F U whomever) andwhyis keyboard stucklike g;llue,,,,,uuuughhhkiaw


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The HAARP induction magnetometer has, and is still reading steady at 2.5 Hz with a few spikes here and there. We first noticed the increase March 11, 2013.

We last saw a similar pattern during the great Japan Quake, and anomalies in the Haiti earthquake.

Is this a predictor of some catastrophic event coming soon? We have a CME expected to impact earth today and PanStarr is still speeding by. Another CME, earth directed is coming in time for St. Patrick’s Day. May the luck of the Irish be with the people of Earth!

Space weather, like earthquake prediction is not an exact science. Maybe we are just noticing patterns more frequently now that many more are paying attention to data and have Internet access.

“There is some intriguing research about whether large earthquakes are associated with ionospheric changes caused by electromagnetic signals released by the crushing of rock crystalline structures. If so, then this might be a mechanism for major earthquake prediction.” From Stanford NASA Research

Earlier this week there were some odd tones coming from HAARP that sounded like the movie, “Close encounters of the third kind.”

Have a Listen to HAARP Tones The mp3 audio is 8 seconds of audio, of well- something. Opinions?



Via iPhone on March 15, 2013

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HAARP ! Update!

Whoa. Stop and listen to HAARP (mp3) on March 3, 2013. LISTEN 15 Seconds

SolarIMG.org has enhanced the audio to hear, well- something. Maybe an encrypted message? From whom?

Beep beep boop 8 Second HAARP Sound Bite

There are some odd interference tones, chimes, notes or whatever u want to call the sounds that we have only heard once before- the Haiti quake. Sounds almost like birds chirping. A magnetometer, to the best of our knowledge DOES NOT pick up birds chirping and singing. Correct us if we’re wrong.

For anyone still “on the fence” about the possibility of HAARP’s weather modification / manipulation type HAARP in our search box or Sincedutch Blog who has a lot of user friendly explanations as well.

On March 3rd you can see the Induction Magnetometer pick up the anomaly visually.

(Grab tinfoil hat now.) A week later the same anomaly has happened again!

Enlarge the photos and you can see the dates w odd interferences or go to HARRP LIVE READINGS

WARNING! HAARP is a government run website and as such, in the interest of science may, and more than likely, will record your computer IP address.

The day of the Great Japan Earthquake and the day Of destruction in Haiiti both events saw whacked out charts and this article from us at Ahrcanum on Haiti & Japan earthquake conspiracy

Have to double check on the Japan Quake but during the Haiti quake there was near asteroids or meteors just like we have had the last week and with Panstarr heading past- our antennae are twisting more than usual. HAARP has been known to delete a few things in the past, but a similar bird type chirp. can be heard during Haiti Quake Sounds

The most recent earthquakes for 7 day Earthquake Track

Maybe it’s nothing, something, or anything. An alien? A nuclear test? A quake? Cern? An anomaly in the equipment?

Ha, maybe it’s an Obama Care = 666 mark of the beast prelude coming up on March 13, 2013. Kind of doubt it but Video Predictions made in 2009

Maybe the magic number is 9. 9 for all the 9mm bullets that are not available for private sale b/c DHS has bought them all. Have to save that topic for another day.

HAARP screen grabs.





Ahrcanum Via iPhone- apologies if photo dates out of sequence- can’t find the bifocals for this 3 inch screen! March 11, 2013
March 12, 2013


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With all the talk of drones, along comes two identical black helicopters over the farm house. Loud as all get up, had a chance to grab the phone camera.

Couldn’t see any markings on it at all. Fair to rule out traffic copters as there is no traffic in our little town.

We’ve had the fracking helicopters but they have been blue, fly lower, and usually are carrying long wires with what we assume is seismic gadgetry.

Ya just got to wonder who is up there, looking down here. Are there really Men in black?

March 7, 1013

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Ladies, would you join in on the hot trend of tattoo tights? The design features a machine gun on one leg and a pistol strapped in a garter belt on the other leg.

Sexy or Stupid?

Be cool for the girls to wear at the Ladies Lunch at the NRA annual convention in Houston- Wearing them on the shooting range might be a distraction!


Purchase at Lush Divas Boutique

If your interested in attending the NRA convention NRA Information

March 5, 2013

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Venus continues into the SOHO LASCO C3 field of view. 👀 Image.


In other astronomy news, big
Day for Spacex. Launch is scheduled 10:10am out of Kennedy Space bound for International Space
station -ISS.

Via twitter @SpaceflightNow: LIVE COVERAGE of Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon to the space station Watch here http://t.co/u2MIzdkJG9 watch live

March 1, 2013-
9 days til Spring!


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