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What’s twisting our antenna today,

November 30, 2011?

The light bulb; we maybe getting screwed and we’re going on a rant.

Who will light up your life now that the standard incandescent light bulb is all but extinct?  Energy efficiency standards for light bulbs will begin to phase in on Jan. 1, 2012.  Readers might want to hope for light bulbs in their stockings this year. 

We hope Santa’s sled can land with the news that the Present Global Cooling Rate is  .09 C / month.  Are we sure we want cooler?? Via


Tim Kelley NECN November 30, 2011  

We could blame President Obama with all his global warming, tree hugging pandering to General Electric.  One can even go back to the Bush era with Congress passing an energy conservation measure that set standards to ban most ordinary incandescent bulbs.  But you know what? It is you and I that are to blame.  We voted them into office.  Some of them bought into global warming.  My vote may have canceled yours out, and the lefts effort to save the planet and some money in the process, has back fired.  Talk about being dim witted.

When a government can regulates what kind of light bulb you can buy, it becomes rather apparent just exactly how much might and power it has over its people.  The government also regulates what kind of toilet and shower faucet you use in an effort to save water.  For more than a hundred years,  incandescent light bulbs have lit up our homes and business just fine.

Since 1901, this incandescent bulb has been burning in a fire station in Livermore, California. http://www.snopes.com/science/lightbulb.asp 

There is some debate on who invented the light bulb, but it wasn’t Thomas Edison.  He just got the patent. http://whatthefluffy.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/who-invented-the-light-bulb-wrong/

In September 2010-The last major GE factory making ordinary incandescent light bulbs in the United States closed marking a small, sad exit for a product and company that can trace their roots to Thomas Alva Edison’s innovations in the 1870s.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/07/AR2010090706933.html

Are you still relying on General Electric, GE bringing good things to life? 

G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt leads Obama’s new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. The panel replaces the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker….

Forget about ethics challenges in having a CEO whose income is determined by stock performance leading a panel designed to recommend government policies. G.E. (2009 revenue: $157 billion) is a huge government contractor and is always in the market for new subsidies and incentives. via http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/21/obama-teams-ge-iran-palaver-peters-arrives-white-house/
The Jobs Council’s October report to the President-http://www.jobs-council.com/2011/10/10/jobs-council-releases-taking-action-building-confidence-interim-report-to-the-president/  

The report includes five major initiatives to increase employment while improving competitiveness:

  1. Measures to accelerate investment into job-rich projects in infrastructure and energy development;…

Plug into reality here.  American jobs have left for China to produce mercury laden light bulbs to bring good things to life back here in America.  You see those mercury-containing CFLs will never be made here under strict environmental regulations and the unions. CFLs made in India and China have environmental standards that are virtually non-existent. https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2008/12/17/obamas-cold-day-in-hell/
The Jobs Council guru has moved even more GE infrastructure to China.  
…is all part of a “plan to invest about $2 billion across China” over the next few years.  But moving core pieces of its business overseas is nothing new for GE.  Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States.  Perhaps GE should change its slogan to “Imagination At Work (In China)”.  http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/ge-ceo-jeffrey-immelt-the-head-of-obamas-jobs-council-is-moving-jobs-and-economic-infrastructure-to-china-at-a-blistering-pace
Are the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis shipping jobs out of the country? In a New World Order, is America going to be last and sit in the dark with these crap light bulbs, with our new lamps designed to fit the funky base sizes and with proper ventilation?
The constituent materials in a typical CFL vary widely, because there are many technologies that can achieve the same (or at least similar) results. In general though, the basic ingredients are …http://sound.westhost.com/articles/incandescent.htm
  • glass
  • steel
  • silicon (in ICs, transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, etc.) *
  • mercury + mercury vapour **
  • fibreglass and epoxy resins (PCB, semiconductor cases) *
  • aluminium (electrolytic capacitor) *
  • various plastics (main housing, film capacitors) *
  • ferrites / ceramics (resistor bodies, choke cores) *
  • copper wire and PCB traces *
  • phosphors **
  • a small amount of high temperature plastic insulation
  • (lead free?) solder
  • plating material for exposed metal, probably nickel
You can’t just throw away an CFL bulb.  Because mercury is cumulative, you have to dispose of it in a toxic waste depot.  Right.  Got one right next door.  If you happen to break a bulb, look out for the mercury vapor and mercury containing phosphor powder.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a HAZMAT sheet for instructions,   http://www.energystar.gov/ia/partners/promotions/change_light/downloads/Fact_Sheet_Mercury.pdf
The EPA claims the new CFL use less energy than incandescent bulbs, and will actually result in less mercury being released because the power plants won’t have to make as much energy.  We’re pretty sure we only pay for actual energy used, but power companies still have to provide the full voltage and current.  Coal supplies around 50% of the electricity in the U.S., but  there is no mention of clean coal, instead focusing on an award winning new light bulb and five million smart meters. 
Why is it the governments job to install smart meters on our power grids?  Wouldn’t the private sector do just as good of job and create private sector jobs?  So help me…are those smart grids manufactured in China? At least not all of them are–

Obama Solyndra: Corporate Crony Capitalism

obama solyndra.jpg


Like Solyndra, a number of “smart grid” companies have received taxpayer backing. But federal financing was not enough to keep Beacon Power, a manufacture of flywheel energy storage technology, from going bankrupt. They may not be the last smart-grid company consigned to that fate.

Beacon received a $43 million loan guarantee from the same stimulus-funded Energy Department program that financed Solyndra. Late last month the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…

Ener1, which, with subsidiary EnerDel, has received more than $120 million in federal grants, announced early last week that it had replaced its president, its chief executive, and its top financial officer. The company manufactures lithium-ion batteries for smart-grid energy storage.

That move came about a week after NASDAQ delisted Ener1 for a failure to comply with SEC filing requirements.  http://blog.heritage.org/2011/11/17/smart-grid-manufacturers-the-next-green-sector-under-fire/

  Meanwhile from energy dot gov-
…the President’s goals of generating 80 percent of electricity from clean energy sources by 2035 and putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.  http://energy.gov/articles/five-million-smart-meters-installed-nationwide-just-beginning-smart-grid-progress 
The Coal Industry has gotten better in the U.S. Is it a perfect means of energy production? No.  Obviously some smart grids are in trouble and some are smarter than others.  Oil, gas and the recent shale and sands drilling have there own drawbacks.  Still politicians have no problem accepting money. http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/induscode.php?id=E1210&year=
Total For Coal mining: $13,482,214

Total For Alternate energy production & services: $22,655,301

The taxpayer is footing the bill to the green economy, companies, lobbyists and light bulbs that don’t work very well.  No wonder we’re going broke.
At least Ron Paul, “railed against government plans to transition from the incandescent light bulb to more energy saving light bulbs, citing Rand’s 1937 novel Anthem.  The similarity, according to Paul, is that “individual choice is banned and the collective basically runs society.” http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/ad-lib/2011/nov/29/legacy-ayn-rand-rand-and-ron-paul-and-paul-ryan/
So if we pull out our tin foil hat.  Why are we being mandated into buying these new light bulbs?  Is it not only because it hurts the U.S.  industry as they emit light, but maybe to track your habits and internet connections? 
Think Nicola Tesla for a minute.
Did Tesla lay the ground work for Wifi through a light bulb with this patent? 
 U.S. Patent 454622 (G.patent; PDF)System of Electric Lighting – 1891 June 23 – Apparatus devised for the purpose of converting and supplying electrical energy in a form suited for the production of certain novel electrical phenomena, which require currents of higher frequency and potential. It specifies an energy storage capacitor and discharger mechanism on the primary side of a radio-frequency transformer.    https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/haarp-wifi-lightbubls-teslatechnology-wifi-through-led-lamps/
So Tesla is long dead and while he had a lot of patents, he died with little money.  Fathom this little dose of reality from companies looking to harness similar technology.
The outlook for piping music into office space or the shop floor is about to get a lot brighter. Lighting solutions company Osram Sylvania and audio innovator Artisan have teamed up to produce the MusicLites system – a 10W LED light bulb with a 70mm full range hi-fi audio speaker built in. The inclusion of a 2.4GHz wireless transceiver means that compatible audio devices can send music sound signals to the unit, which then pumps out both sound and light. http://www.gizmag.com/musiclites-led-speaker-wifi-lighting/15112/
Emits sound and light? Cool!
Four years ago:   WiTricity Corp. http://www.witricity.com/ 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers announced  they had made a 60-watt light bulb. The breakthrough, disclosed in Science Express, an online publication of the journal Science, is being called “WiTricity” by the scientists glow by sending it energy wirelessly, potentially previewing a future in which cell phones and other gadgets get juice without having to be plugged in. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techinnovations/2007-06-08-mit-wireless-power_N.htm

Guess who invests in WiTricity?

  General Electric


…WiTricity Corp were also winners. GE didn’t disclose the amount of the funds that came from its venture-capital partners. When GE announced winners of the first contest, with a prize pool of $55 million, it planned to contribute about half the total. GE projects the power grid technology market will reach $20 billion by 2015.

Who else invested?


As the exclusive licensee of this MIT intellectual property, WiTricity Corp. was founded by Prof. Soljačić and several colleagues from MIT.  WiTricity Corp. received its initial venture capital funding in November of 2007 from Stata Ventures and Argonaut Private Equity.  Stata Ventures is a technology investment firm managed by Ray Stata, the founder, Chairman, and former CEO of Analog Devices.

Still got your tin foil hat on? 

Watch TeraDiode company. TeraDiode’s ultra-high brightness, direct-diode lasers enable many defense applications, including infrared countermeasures, target designators and directed energy weapons. http://teradiode.com/applications/defense/


Who may have invested in TeraDiode? On November 21, 2011 http://optics.org/news/2/11/19

The round was led by Argonaut Ventures – the same private equity firm owned by the George Kaiser Family Foundation that invested heavily in bankrupt solar firm Solyndra – while Stata Venture Partners, which invested $4 million through TeraDiode’s series A round in 2009, also took part. Camros Capital and others made smaller contributions to the latest financing.

The joint venture of Comcast and General Electric formed NBC Universal.  Imagine the company that sells a light bulb that delivers Wifi and TV, Radio, Internet, content.  Talk about an IPO.  Where is Apple?

And check out this old news- July 11, 2011- MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions and WiTricity, the technology leader in wireless power, today jointly announced that has entered into a technology transfer and license agreement. http://www.mediatek.com/en/News/news_content.php?sn=80

Sadly regarding patents-  according to John Hennessy, president of Stanford University

We need to get the money. I mean, the backlog is over 600,000 [sic, patent]applications. Now, not all those patents were grant, but that’s three years worth of patents just to put it in perspective.  So we’ve got to invest in order to make this process work faster and that’s an American competitiveness issue for us….http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-07/patent-office-must-control-funds-mit-leader-says-transcript-.html

Wow. more than a half a million patents in backlog.  Wonder what the backlog looks like on those patents being stolen?  Have fun reading them by a CFL lamp.

For our readers in liberal land who are convinced that the lights aren’t going out http://mediamatters.org/research/201111280004

Will the last one out shut off the lights?

(copyrights by respective owners.  WiTricity is a proprietary technology of WiTricity Corporation, and should not be used to refer to wireless electricity in a generic sense.)

In keeping with full disclosure- some of the writers have and may own stock in Cisco, Western Digital and NBC Universal; not in the other above aforementioned companies-at least not yet! 

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President-elect Obama recorded a message for the Global Climate Summit, promising  “a new chapter of American leadership on climate change.”
There are so many chapters to Obama, and the book is still being written.  This week, Al Gore, once the ideal running mate, and Obama had a little two hour meet with Biden in tow to talk about climate change.

The author of “An Inconvenient Truth” and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Gore presented his ideas on the environment as one part of helping the nation’s struggling economy recovery.  Note that Gore was not offered a cabinet job.

Obama said they discussed so-called green jobs as a way to boost employment across the country, improve national security by reducing reliance on foreign oil, and reduce energy costs.  Obama said global warming is “not only a problem, but it’s also an opportunity.” http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2008/12/08/national/w120629S86.DTL&type=politics

“We all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now, that this is a matter of urgency and national security, and it has to be dealt with in a serious way,” said Obama.  Alas, more than 650 scientists from around the world disagree with claims made by the United Nations, Gore and Obama about global warming, “saying that science does not support that climate change is a man made phenomenon, according to a Senate environmental committee’s press blog.http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Minority.Blogs&ContentRecord_id=2158072e-802a-23ad-45f0-274616db87e6

We have learned more than once that our leaders should take evidence from fact.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the evidence is slipping that we are under a period of global warming.

Up to 6 inches of snow was reported in parts of Louisiana http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2008/12/the_new_orleans_area_is.htm causing havoc.  New England residents are still without power from an ice storm. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2008/12/13/ice_storm_paralyzes_parts_of_new_england/ and yet we see Obama and Gore chatting up the warmth.  Where is the fireplace setting?

Czech President Vaclav Klaus hit out at the EU climate deal concluded Friday and described global climate issues as “a silly luxury.”  http://www.spacedaily.com/2006/081212141651.tthkmkke.html 

Most folks don’t pollute and do our part, but when it comes down to it a whole industry has been created under the guise of climate change.  “Obama is pushing changes in the way Americans use energy, and produce greenhouse gases, as part of what will be a massive economic stimulus. He called it an opportunity “to re-power America.” http://apnews.myway.com/article/20081214/D952LKP00.html

A General Electric Lamp factory used to show brightly near my home town where they would produce standard light bulbs and employ thousands, now it is shuttered and dark.  The next generation of light bulb is a CFL or compact fluorescent light bulb touting energy savings at a higher cost but longer life.  Sounds good until we realize that these new light bulbs are filled with the toxic substance Mercury, a “highly toxic heavy metal that can cause brain damage and learning disabilities in fetuses and children” and as “one of the most poisonous forms of pollution.” http://www.financialpost.com/story.html?id=aa7796aa-e4a5-4c06- . 

Where are mercury-containing CFLs made? Not in the United States. under strict environmental regulation. CFLs are made in India and China, where environmental standards are virtually non-existent. 

“It’s too bad they’re so capable, experienced, and energetic because the energy and global warming policies that President-elect Obama wants them to pursue are radical, economically disastrous, and pointless,” says http://www.globalwarming.org/node/2827  and says that, “Reality is setting in around the world, as temperatures continue flat and efforts to reduce emissions prove costly and ineffective.  Let’s hope that our elected leaders in Congress see what’s happening before they turn off the lights.”

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe could be our hero in waiting who often butts heads with Gore.  http://newsok.com/green-team-obamas-choices-will-challenge-inhofe/article/3330250   Is it all a big swindle?  Visit http://www.junkscience.com/ who argues that human activity is the chief cause of warming, if it exists at all.

Leading headlines this morning continue to be about the weather with excessive rains in California, sub zero temperatures in the upper Midwest and those still recovering from the massive ice storm in the North East.   The “Icebox of the Nation,” International Falls, temps remained below zero.  http://www.answers.com/topic/international-falls-minnesota

Global Warming, humph. 

Not in the headlines, it would appear that is is going to be a cold day in hell before anyone directly ties Obama to any Obamagate issues. 

Highlighting Chicago politics, the matter continues to show relationships between the about to be impeached Democratic governor and some members of Obama’s inner circle.  His top campaign strategist, David Axelrod, will move to the White House for a senior adviser’s job and lists Blagojevich on his firm’s Web site as one of his clients, when the politician was a candidate for Congress.

The US Supreme Court  on December 15, 2008, the same day
that the Electoral College  met to vote for president and vice
president, has denied WROTNOWSKI, CORT V. BYSIEWICZ, CT SEC. OF STATE case, seeking again to require a verification of Obama’s eligibility to hold office. http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/ on SCOTUS at http://origin.www.supremecourtus.gov/docket/08a469.htm.

Alan Keyes still has a case pending but it looks like we’ve got at least four years of a chilly forecast from an Obama administration. 

Obama has not been officially implicated or charged in anything.

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