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It is an absoduckinglutely gorgeous sky today. Perfectly blue, light, fluffy floating clouds. Not one chemtrail. Not one contrail.

Where are all the airplanes?


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Chemtrails suck. PHOTOS! Radar has not a cloud in the sky, and then the aircraft show up obscuring what should be a sunny day. It’s 70 degrees on the farm, at 30,000 feet it is surely colder. Yet even in the heart of winter, we rarely see the kind of obfuscation of the sun by chemtrails.

Why do some planes leave effluent and others do not? We suspect something is added to the fuel to cause the chemtrails. We get that contrails exist and then dissipate, chemtrails take forever to dissolve. We are all working outside on the farm, making efforts to plant and feed the animals, just what are we breathing? What are they spraying?

In photos, here’s a nice day taken over by chemtrail crap.











No UFO’s- only a few lens flares.

May 3, 2013.


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Meteorological fall has set it and it feel like it on the farm.

Burning bushes turning red. Petunias are dead. Last night it was only 47 degrees, can’t see keeping the pool open much longer.

Nice sunset. Pink sky at night, sailors delight.


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Marshmallow, fluffy skies, sans chemtrails.


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A breezy 90 degrees by the pool watching our crops thirst.


Not a chemtrail in sight! Chance rain tomorrow.

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If there are chemtrails today, we can’t see them over the low ceiling of clouds. The hygrometer reads 60 making it very humid with on and off rain. With the lack of snow, the water table is down and the crops are thirsty.

The collage of heart clouds in the sky appears to be chemtrail free. We didn’t take it but sure do like it. And we love our followers on WP and twitter.


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A water vapor sunrise?

Living landlocked in the cold snowy winter makes us a more hearty kind of people,  so when there is actually a sunrise it is cause for celebration. 

Having my morning cup of tea- don’t laugh it’s pomegranate, the family was peering outside to see the ground glistening with frozen water droplets glittering at the sun’s reflection.  Beautiful to see the sun, and not begin our day in complete darkness as we head off to the school bus.

And then, came the chemtrails. 

Perhaps in the big heat wave of 38 degrees, the temperature becomes optimized for dispersion. 

For some interesting videos, including a report on Chemtrails by The History Channel visit http://willthomasonline.net/willthomasonline/CHEMTRAILS_ON_TV.html

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