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All good things, we are told, must come to an end. The corn has been growing and the grass has finally slowed down. With a few days notice found a little rental beach condo, made some memories and heading back to reality.

School, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country, goats, rabbit, blah blah blah. LIFE.

Guess reality isn’t so bad. Just behind the POS (piece of Sh*t) SUV, can hear the sea shells saying see you soon.


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It is an absoduckinglutely gorgeous sky today. Perfectly blue, light, fluffy floating clouds. Not one chemtrail. Not one contrail.

Where are all the airplanes?


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Wow. Literally the first sunrise we’ve seen in all of 2013. Nice to wake up with a spring in our step.

Feb 25, 2013


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A breezy 90 degrees by the pool watching our crops thirst.


Not a chemtrail in sight! Chance rain tomorrow.

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“The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”-Jimmy Buffett.

Too nice of a day to blog.  Might even take a hour to read by the pool.  Angels and Demons is getting interesting -half way through.

For more commentary on the fuc*!ng weather: http://www.metafilter.com/81800/The-Fucking-Weather 

Buffett and parrothead fun at: http://www.pubclub.com/specialevents/buffett.htm

God Bless America.

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