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Large collection of HAARP / RADAR documents — Barium clouds , Plasma Mirrors, Tomography, Weather Modification

An amazing compilation of data on HAARP — CLICK ON THE HYPERLINKS …



Originally posted, with much more information by Sincedutch March 29, 2013.


-30- iPhone

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Snow coming down in a light flutter. Rather graceful- November 23, 2012 and ready for bed. Figured we’d take a few screen grabs to send to grandma in Florida. Low and behold, just some weird odd shit snowflakes in pix. Really? Maybe just the way the camera on the iPhone caught the snowflakes. Never seen longish flakes b4. Your take on it?




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Good Lord, lots of chemtrails this Sunday morning. Photos.




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First day of October starts with chemtrails and contrails. Quite lovely shadows in the sky. Have a look, photos.



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Friday morning sky sure was funky. Started out w a clear blue sky laced w chemtrails or contrails. Whatever u call them, it’s effluent.

Then the fog rolled in, leaving us w rainbows.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds! (Mobile devices may have to click on headline for 3 images)




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Still not convinced cloud seeding exists? Yawn, wake up.

Western Weather Consultants
Company is Seeking to Renew is Cloud Seeding Permit! The Colorado Water Conservation Board is holding a meeting later today.

“Western Weather Consultants wants to renew its permit for the next five winters so it can do cloud seeding for Denver Water, Colorado Springs Utilities and others. The goal is to boost precipitation and snowpack to benefit water users, from farmers to ski areas.

The company uses ground-based generators to produce silver iodide crystals that become the center of clouds.” AP 5 Year Permit

HT to Coyote Gulch


The cloud seeding program is seemingly designed with the use of public money over private land without voter approval or landowners permission. Do you own the clouds over your head?

And the implications of years of accumulation of silver iodide in the water? The air? Dirt? Who know if anyone bothers to test.

MSDS hazmat Silver Iodine

Looks like its only harmful if you inject it, breath it or get it on your skin. Whew!

There’s about a snowballs chance in hell we would eat a snowball in Colorado.

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Chemtrails are playing Tic Tac Toe this morning. 7:15 EST. No Winners.


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Chemtrails for September 12, 2012 as follows…



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HAARP is down for (eeehm) maintenance!

Hacked? Just a standard maintenance update? Revised historical data? Dunno. Sure strikes us odd.

HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Ionospheric Research Instrument program must cost a boatload to maintain. Really, who knows how much has been supplemented by the Pentagon “black budget” resources.

Has funding run out? Somebody got something to hide?

HAARP is supposed to be a joint effort of the Air Force and the Navy and is supposedly the latest in a series of a little-known Department of Defense (DoD) “active ionospheric experiments,” with code-names like EXCEDE, RED AIR and CHARGE IV.

We’ve got the usual CA quakes, the unusual Costa Rica 7+ quake. A big quake in China, a tornado in NYC, rain and rip currents along the eastern seaboard, AND NOW HAARP goes on maintenance?



Two VERY weird radar blips in the shape of distinct circles!

The last time HAARP shuttered that we could find was Oct. 2010 HAARP down

Some are claiming that the Earth’s Magnetosphere has been weakened by 50% in the last 2 years alone! Ck it http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1979753/pg1

Image of HAARP offline –


What else is a little bizarre is that there is a big hic-up of blank data from NASA.


Link at http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ace/MAG_SWEPAM_2h.html

What do you think HAARP is up to?

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What is HAARP up to, if anything? Never, ever saw a round ring in a radar display. Yet, here we have a radar showing a circle that looks like a Cheerio or a donut.

This a a screen grab from Intellicast..

What do you make of it?


And this one from #manomachine


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