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Caught the possum, finally! Something has been digging up under the footer of our house. The steps have started caving in that’s how much digging this bugger has done. We were expecting a groundhog. Put apples w peanut butter, cherries but it was the cantaloupe that the possum could not resist. This thing hissed like no tomorrow, showing teeth and salivating all gross.

So now what? Kill it? Thinking as a marsupial it’s got babies. Shit. What are the possum rules? Sure as hell not going to eat it.

Called a farmer friend said we could release it in the middle of his 1000’s of acres. Ha, I wanted to spray paint his ass orange so if it came back we’d know it was the same possum. Figures no paint.

Anyway, it’s getting a truck ride this morning. Now someone has to fix my steps and a whole lot of holes around the house. That would be me. Ugh.

Adios possum.



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