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US Navy Labs create Plasma Rings using HAARP – HF- RADAR frequency!

Ironic indeed that the frequency they
used from HAARP matches the capability of NEXRAD RADAR.. as they are creating this plasma in the atmosphere using 0-4MHz.. (nexrad pulses between 0 to 12.4MHz putting the HAARP frequency and RADAR frequency on overlapping spectrums)

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Think TESLA…

Feb 27, 2013


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Good Lord, lots of chemtrails this Sunday morning. Photos.




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Chemtrails lacing the sky of middle America. Bummer.


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Is Scalar or HAARP Spring Cleaning?

The slow, huge line of storms that swept through central Texas appear to mimic scalar squares as pointed out in this video.

How’s that for being able to predict the weather?  Anyone still “on the fence” about weather modification / manipulation — also called Geo-engineering.  If your read nothing else, visit- http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/want-to-know-about-haarp-vlf-uhf-and-weather-modification-want-to-prove-it-to-a-non-believer-here-you-go/


Stay tuned and have a good day, one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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NASA Releases 5 Rockets Containing Chemtrails of Aluminum at Wallops

NASA this morning launched five suborbital rockets from the Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore as a means of helping scientists learn more about the jet stream.

We’ll pause while you get your tinfoil hats on…..

Image NASA

Shortly after the last rocket launched, commentators on NASA’s webcast said sightings of chemical trails released by the rockets had been reported from Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia and Wilmington, N.C.

The tracer trails looked milky-white and were intended to help scientists see how winds move in space. http://hamptonroads.com/2012/03/photo-milky-white-trails-follow-wallops-rocket-launch 

The Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (ATREX) is a Heliophysics sounding rocket mission that will gather information needed to better understand the process responsible for the high-altitude jet stream located 60 to 65 miles above the surface of the Earth.

The five rockets will release a chemical tracer that will form milky, white tracer clouds that allow scientists and the public to “see” the winds in space. In addition, two of the rockets will have instrumented payloads, to measure the pressure and temperature in the atmosphere at the height of the high-speed winds. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/missions/atrex.html

Combined photo of four chemical tracer trails in the atmosphere.

Four trimethyl aluminum (TMA) trails from a prior mission flown from Poker Flat, Alaska, in February 2009. Credit: Miguel Larsen/Clemson Univ.


Product Name: Aluminum alkyls (trimethylaluminum) (MSDS No. P-6282-B)

Chemical Name: Trimethylaluminum

Chemical Family: Aluminum alkyls

Trade Names: Praxair® TMA

Synonyms: Aluminumtrimethyl, trimethylalane

Product Grades: None assigned.


DANGER! Pyrophoric, flammable liquid and vapor. Ignites on contact with air. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract burns. Reacts violently with water or atmospheric moisture. Decomposes into irritating dust that may cause liver and kidney damage. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing must be worn by rescue workers. Under ambient conditions, this is a colorless liquid.

INCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS: Air, water, moisture, oxidizers

Read the whole Materials Safety Data Sheet at http://www.praxair.com/praxair.nsf/AllContent/7981F9201C63A3BA852575BC006B528E/$File/p6282b.pdf

Praxair, Inc. is a worldwide provider of industrial gases, including atmospheric, process and specialty gases. Praxair helps virtually every industry improve product quality, boost performance and benefit the environment through the application of atmospheric, process and specialty gases. http://www.praxair.com

The map of the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. shows the projected area where the rockets may be visible while the motors are burning through flight. It also shows the flight profile of each of the five rockets. Credit: NASA/Wallops 

Now we know you all have your tinfoil hats on so you should be extra intelligent to ask- If this is the projected range of where the rockets are visible isn’t this also the projected range of the chemical dispersal of aluminum?

Does it burn up in the atmosphere or does it create an effluent that rains down on a few million people.  Congratulations to NASA on the successful launches.  Really, it is amazing science.  Since they went off at early in the morning, there weren’t a lot of people outdoors.  You can watch the entire launch sequence here http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?collection_id=81381&media_id=137933911 

“Obviously, releasing chemicals into the atmosphere above the Earth is fodder for “Chemtrail” conspiracy theorists that believe the U.S. government is spraying chemicals into the atmosphere for a whole multitude of insidious motives – from creating a sort of haze to enhance energy weapons to a test for biological weapons delivery systems.” http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2012/03/nasa-cancelled-sounding-rockets-atrex/

Really? The U.S. government reminds us,

Some of the many uses for aluminum are in transportation (automobiles, airplanes, trucks, railcars, marine vessels, etc.), packaging (cans, foil, etc.), construction (windows, doors, siding, etc), consumer durables (appliances, cooking utensils, etc.), electrical transmission lines, machinery, and many other applications. http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/aluminum/ 

Funny how the USGS happened to leave out the fact that there is aluminum in vaccines. 

The short, eye-opening eBook linked below is titled Aluminum in Vaccines — a Neurological Gamble, by Neil Miller, director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. It documents the hazards associated with aluminum-laden vaccines. Children are receiving high concentrations of aluminum in their shots. This well-documented neurotoxin may be more toxic than mercury. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/01/27/mercury-in-vaccines-was-replaced-with-something-even-more-toxic.aspx 

Side Effects of ALUMINUM

CTD: Comparative Toxicogenomics Database Giving insight into how chemicals affect our health.

Comparative Toxicogenomics Database

“These diseases are associated with Aluminum or at least one of its descendants. Each association is curated (M marker/mechanismand/or T therapeutic) and/or inferred (via a curated gene interaction).”

1–100 of 463 results.
Chemical Disease Direct Evidence Inference Network Inference Score References
1. Aluminum Alzheimer Disease M 7 genes: ACEAPPIL1BMAPTMPO;TFTNF 20.48 29
2. Aluminum Inflammation M 7 genes: IL1BLTFMPONOS2;SCGB1A1TFRCTNF 15.32 13
3. Aluminum Lung Diseases M 3 genes: ACESCGB1A1TNF 8.13 3
4. Aluminum Brain Diseases M 2 genes: ALBAPP 4.51 5
5. Aluminum Neoplasms M 1 gene: LTF 3.57 2
6. Aluminum Bronchial Hyperreactivity M 1
7. Aluminum Epilepsy, Tonic-Clonic M 1
8. Aluminum Heavy Metal Toxicity M 1
9. Aluminum Lymphadenitis M 1
10. Aluminum Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Progressive M 1
11. Aluminum Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing-Remitting M 1
12. Aluminum Osteomalacia M 1
13. Aluminum Brain Ischemia 8 genes: ACEALBCATGPX1IL1B;NOS2PTGS2TNF 25.43 7
14. Aluminum Liver Cirrhosis, Experimental 8 genes: ACHEALBIL1BMMP2MMP9;NOS2PTGS2TNF 20.43 7
15. Aluminum Oral Submucous Fibrosis 4 genes: MMP2MMP9PTGS2TNF 18.93 1
16. Aluminum Autistic Disorder 8 genes: CATGPX1IL4NOS2;PLA2G4APTGS2TFXDH 18.20 7
17. Aluminum Reperfusion Injury 6 genes: IL1BMPONOS2PTGS2TNF;XDH 17.99 11
18. Aluminum Breast Neoplasms 10 genes: EPORGPX1IL1BMMP2;NOS2PLA2G4APTGS2SLC2A1TFRC;TNF 17.97 16
19. Aluminum Colonic Neoplasms 7 genes: IL1BLTFMMP9NOS2;PTGS2SLC2A1TNF 17.95 8
20. Aluminum Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal 4 genes: CATIL1BPTHTNF 17.79 3
21. Aluminum Brain Injuries 6 genes: ALBIL1BMMP9PTGS2;S100BTNF 17.43 7
22. Aluminum Lung Neoplasms 8 genes: ACEGPX1MAPK3MPO;NOS2PTGS2TFRCTNF 17.07 9
23. Aluminum Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous 4 genes: IL1BIL4MMP2TNF 16.58 2
24. Aluminum Cell Transformation, Neoplastic 5 genes: CATMMP9NOS2SLC2A1;TFRC 14.57 4
25. Aluminum Heart Failure 7 genes: ACEALBIL1BNOS2PTH;TNFXDH 14.50 7
26. Aluminum Carcinoma, Squamous Cell 5 genes: GPX1HIF1AMAPK3MMP9;PTGS2 13.03 8
27. Aluminum Asthma 5 genes: CATIL4MMP9SCGB1A1TNF 12.72 9
28. Aluminum Myocardial Reperfusion Injury 4 genes: ALBHIF1ANOS2TFRC 12.61 3
29. Aluminum Burns 3 genes: MPONOS2PTGS2 12.50 2
30. Aluminum Bone Neoplasms 3 genes: MMP2MMP9PTGS2 12.28 2
31. Aluminum Chondroma 2 genes: IDH1IDH2 12.11 1
32. Aluminum Carcinoma, Hepatocellular 6 genes: ACEACLYMMP2MMP9;PTGS2SLC2A1 12.04 8
33. fluoroaluminum Carcinoma, Hepatocellular 3 genes: ABCB1IGF2PTK2 11.95 4
34. Aluminum Hyperemia 4 genes: CATIL1BNOS2PTGS2 11.56 4
35. Aluminum Enchondromatosis 2 genes: IDH1IDH2 11.54 2
36. Aluminum Kidney Failure, Chronic 4 genes: ACEALBCATPTGS2 11.11 5
37. Aluminum Sepsis 4 genes: MAPK3MMP9NOS2TNF 11.09 5
38. Aluminum Duodenal Ulcer 3 genes: NOS2PLA2G4APTGS2 10.70 3
39. Aluminum Cerebral Hemorrhage 4 genes: ACEMMP2MMP9S100B 10.45 8
40. Aluminum Stomach Ulcer 4 genes: MMP9NOS2PTGS2TNF 10.44 4
41. Aluminum Cardiomyopathies 5 genes: CATIL1BIL4MAPK3PTGS2 10.41 5
42. Aluminum Arthritis, Experimental 3 genes: IL1BIL4TNF 10.22 4
43. Aluminum Calcinosis 3 genes: IL1BMMP2MMP9 10.14 2
44. Aluminum Drug-Induced Liver Injury 7 genes: ALBIL1BLTFMMP2PTGS2;TFTNF 10.14 7
45. Aluminum Marfan Syndrome 2 genes: MMP2MMP9 9.94 1
47. Aluminum Stroke 4 genes: ACEALBNOS2PTGS2 9.74 6
48. Aluminum Keratosis 2 genes: CATMPO 9.63 1
49. Aluminum Neoplasm Metastasis 4 genes: MMP2MMP9PTGS2TNF 9.56 5
50. Aluminum Aortic Aneurysm, Thoracic 2 genes: MMP2MMP9 9.51 1
51. Aluminum Aortic Rupture 2 genes: MMP2MMP9 9.51 1
52. Aluminum Enterocolitis, Necrotizing 2 genes: LTFNOS2 9.44 2
53. Aluminum HIV Wasting Syndrome 2 genes: IL1BTNF 9.33 1
54. Aluminum PARKINSON DISEASE, LATE-ONSET 2 genes: DBHMAPT 9.28 1
55. Aluminum Oligodendroglioma 2 genes: IDH1IDH2 9.22 1
56. Aluminum Hypersensitivity 3 genes: ALBIL4TNF 9.10 2
57. Aluminum Cardiovascular Diseases 4 genes: ACEALBGPX1PTGS2 8.99 5
58. Aluminum Disease Models, Animal 3 genes: ALBAPPS100B 8.88 4
59. Aluminum Brain Edema 3 genes: MMP9NOS2S100B 8.86 3
60. Aluminum Hemangioma 2 genes: IDH1IDH2 8.83 1
61. Aluminum Berylliosis 2 genes: ACETNF 8.77 5
62. Aluminum Diabetic Cardiomyopathies 2 genes: KLK1TNF 8.50 2
63. Aluminum Pulmonary Fibrosis 3 genes: IL1BIL4TNF 8.49 5
64. Aluminum Urticaria 4 genes: ALBIL1BMPOTNF 8.49 4
65. Aluminum Glioblastoma 3 genes: IL1BMMP2MMP9 8.29 2
66. Aluminum Myocardial Stunning 2 genes: NOS2TNF 8.27 1
67. Aluminum Psoriasis 3 genes: IL4NOS2TNF 8.24 3
68. Aluminum Coronary Restenosis 2 genes: ACETNF 8.23 2
69. Aluminum Glioma 3 genes: IDH1PTGS2TFRC 8.21 3
70. Aluminum Nerve Degeneration 4 genes: APPATXN3EPORTNF 8.20 6
71. Aluminum Adenocarcinoma 4 genes: ACEIL1BPTGS2TNF 8.18 6
72. Aluminum Mitochondrial Myopathies 2 genes: IL1BTNF 8.15 1
73. Aluminum Status Epilepticus 4 genes: CATNOS2PTGS2TNF 8.15 7
74. Aluminum Hyperalgesia 5 genes: IL1BMAPK3NOS2PTGS2;TNF 8.01 12
75. Aluminum Cachexia 2 genes: PTGS2TNF 7.95 1
76. Aluminum Glomerulonephritis 3 genes: ALBIL1BTNF 7.86 10
77. Aluminum Arthritis, Psoriatic 2 genes: NOS2TNF 7.80 2
78. Aluminum Aortic Diseases 2 genes: MMP2MMP9 7.79 1
79. Aluminum Respiratory Tract Diseases 2 genes: ACEALB 7.69 2
80. Aluminum Obesity 3 genes: GPX1TFRCTNF 7.63 3
81. Aluminum Peripheral Nervous System Diseases 5 genes: APOBDBHGFAPGPX1TNF 7.62 2
82. Aluminum Seizures 7 genes: ACHECATCHATIL1BNOS2;PTGS2SLC2A1 7.53 10
83. Aluminum Gliosis 2 genes: GFAPMAPK3 7.52 2
84. Aluminum Neurogenic Inflammation 2 genes: APPPTGS2 7.47 2
85. Aluminum Esophageal Neoplasms 3 genes: HIF1ANOS2PTGS2 7.46 8
86. Aluminum Cholangiocarcinoma 2 genes: NOS2PTGS2 7.38 1
87. Aluminum Multiple Organ Failure 2 genes: MMP9TNF 7.30 3
88. Aluminum Skin Neoplasms 3 genes: HIF1AMMP9PTGS2 7.27 5
89. Aluminum Stevens-Johnson Syndrome 2 genes: ALBNOS2 7.22 2
90. Aluminum Pancreatic Neoplasms 3 genes: HIF1APTGS2TNF 7.14 6
91. Aluminum Polymyositis 2 genes: IL1BTNF 7.12 1
92. Aluminum Arthritis, Rheumatoid 3 genes: MMP2PTGS2TNF 7.11 4
93. Aluminum Respiratory Hypersensitivity 2 genes: IL4TNF 7.05 1
94. Aluminum Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2 genes: PLA2G4APTGS2 7.02 1
95. Aluminum Dermatomyositis 2 genes: IL1BTNF 7.01 1
96. Aluminum Fumaric aciduria 1 gene: FH 6.85 1
97. Aluminum Leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer, hereditary 1 gene: FH 6.85 1
98. Aluminum Precancerous Conditions 3 genes: CATMPOPTGS2 6.83 3
99. Aluminum Diabetic Neuropathies 2 genes: MMP2MMP9 6.80 1
100. Aluminum Epilepsy 3 genes: ALBGFAPGPX1 6.78 4
WHEW!   Need more?
 In 2004, the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa was asked by the International Aluminium Institute to conduct a comprehensive review of the potential human health risks associated with aluminium, aluminium oxide, and aluminium hydroxide. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agreed to co-sponsor the risk assessment.


We concluded that there is strong evidence that aluminium can cause irritation following exposure via either inhalation or injection. Modest evidence of an effect exists for reproductive toxicity following oral exposure, for neurological toxicity following either oral or injection exposure, and for bone toxicity following injection exposure…(p29)

So aluminum may be bad in a vaccine.  Aluminum can be good in a screen door.
The NASA audio portion of the video explains that the ATREX program chemical will burn orange. It looks white to our untrained eye.  We did find this patent from GTE Laboratories Incorporated that seems to support that it could have luminescent property makes the most sense for tracking chemtrails in night launch. Method for making moisture insensitive zinc sulfide based luminescent materials

Whatever color it is and whatever the safe level of margin for the use of aluminum is, the OSHA REGULATORY STATUS: says This material is considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communications Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).

The U.S. government just shot it nearly 60 miles into the jet stream.  We look forward to more scientific studies.

UPDATED- The Aluminum Fluoride Connection here https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/aluminum-flouride-tinfoil/

Stay tuned and have a good day, one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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The Swine Flu Report that began in April 2009 is athttps://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/swine-flu-report

Shaking, rattling and rolling into the conspiracy, truth and science of EARTHQUAKES, HAARP, EISCAT, Tesla, etc., with more posts athttps://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/earthquakes-haarp/

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