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The NRA has launched the Stand And Fight ad campaign for you to change your avatars on social media to show your support for gun rights in America.


The NRA Stand And Fight campaign is supposed to show support for the right to keep and bar arms. We are members of the NRA, believe in the 2nd Amendment and like many of you, are horrified at an increasing gun culture of gun violence. Gabby Giffords, Newtown, and The Dark Knight shooter are abominable acts by insane cowards.

Since these events, the Second Amendment has been challenged by the federal, state and local governments. As it reads-

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Repeat- SHALL NOT. Americans are the militia of I, as in I and you have the right to defense.

The NRA fights a good fight, but its new badge of Stand And Fight makes us take pause. We do not want to Stand And Fight, we want to Stand And Defend. Having a firearm with or without a Concealed Carry permit does not make one prone to fight but to avoid the situation. To be able to defend. Hear someone breaking and entering? Call 911, try to get out of the area, hide etc. Not walk down the hall like on TV and start firing away. The best defense is a good offense.

Washington D.C. and Chicago have been among the toughest cities where anti-gun laws had been enacted. Also cities with pretty damned high crime rates and murders. The courts justifibily found most of the prohibitive gun laws otherwise http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment2/amendment.html and reversed much of the stifiling laws. Yet, Mayor Bloomberg has made gun control another vendetta in NYC along with cigarettes, and soft drinks. He recently outlawed ammo clips with more than seven shots. The idiot apparently never checked because there are no manufactures of seven rounds. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns this week launched a $12 million ad campaign supporting increased gun control. $12 MILLION DOLLARS? yup.

We do not want to Stand And Fight, we’d prefer to get out of a situation without ever having to use a firearm in the first place.

Does that mean we are not ready, locked and loaded? No.

We are not looking for a fight. We look to defend the 2nd Amendment and will do so- until, as they say, someone takes it from our cold dead hands.

March 28, 2013 via laptop-


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Shooting in Colorado brings out the left-wing political agenda.

24-year-old James Holmes, a heavily armed gunman allegedly attacked an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater early Friday, tossing tear gas before opening fire on the terrified audience and killing 12 and wounding 38, authorities said. The theater was showing the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.”  The shooter used at least four guns — an “AK type” rifle, a shotgun and two handguns, a federal law enforcement official told CNN. The source also said the shooter used tear gas.

On Twitter,

Piers Morgan

“Horrendous details from this Colorado cinema shooting. America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time.”

Time for what exactly?   How did Norway’s laws prevent lone shooter from opening fire on children?
@BuzzFeedAndrew wrote, “Obama responding to shooting in Florida:  My daughters go the movies.  What if Malia and Sasha had been in the theater?”
Had they been in the theater, the CIA would have drawn their weapons to return fire.  If someone in the audience had a concealed carry weapon, likely they would have returned fire as well.
It is a horrific act by a lone shooter. It should never be the reason to reduce the intentions of the 2nd Amendment, Right-to-Carry legislation, Castle Doctrine legislation or Hunting Heritage legislation. James Holmes is a coward. Period. To use him as a prop for limits on the 2nd Amendment is an insult to our forefathers.

It is also unreasonable to expect that we would begin a campaign to round up all the guns or all the potentially dangerous people who might have access to guns. Mass murder is regrettably one of the painful consequences of the freedoms we enjoy. http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/20/opinion/fox-mass-murder/index.html

Nor should the United Nations have any business telling America how to run its gun laws.  Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), otherwise known as the UN Small Arms Treaty, could impact our Second Amendment rights.
From 2-27 July, all countries of the world are coming together in New York to negotiate what is seen as the most important initiative ever regarding conventional arms regulation within the United Nations. A robust arms trade treaty can make a difference for millions of people confronted with insecurity, deprivation and fear. http://www.un.org/disarmament/ATT/
Confronted by fear?  Fear is thinking that the Senate could actually pass this, make an amendment to the Constitution, and further erode the 2nd Amendment.  And likely, President O would support it.
Lest you not forget this agenda from the U.N. to further erode U.S. sovereignty  and put U.N. Peacekeepers on U.S. soil-

Freedom From War

The United States Program
for General and Complete
Disarmament in a Peaceful


Disarmament Series 5
Released September 1961

Office of Public Services

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. – Price 15 cents

Read that again- COMPLETE DISARMAMENT. Document in it’s entirety at http://dosfan.lib.uic.edu/ERC/arms/freedom_war.html

One political parallel drawn from Batman – http://internetisinamerica.blogspot.com/2011/11/dark-knight-and-gop-propaganda-rises.html 

Batman, as he was in the last movie, is a stand in for George W. Bush. And if you don’t think that the story of a self-righteous, wire-tapping, Constitution-avoiding, urban terrorist-obsessed mega billionaire ISN’T a parallel for Dubya, rest assured that the character of Batman could just as easily be a metaphor for Dick Cheney.

In the last movie, Batman did battle with an Osama bin Laden-ish villain that blew up civilian infrastructure and regularly used suicide bombers as henchmen. And oh yeah, he sort of had a proclivity for filming executions on camera, too. In the third film, however, the primary villain is a character named Bane – who, in the comics, was a super intelligent, island born,  quasi-socialist revolutionary that turned Gotham City against Batman by declaring him emblematic of economic totalitarianism.
In other words? He’s a caricature of Barack Obama, only on steroids and wearing a respirator mask.
The plot line for The Dark Knight Rises, I suppose, is that Bane decides to turn Gotham City into an anarchist hellhole by promising its citizens’ liberation from economic corruption and political malfeasance.
Whatever one’s political lean, Aurora, Colorado was turned into a hellish scene that should never be repeated.  Taking away lawful, abiding citizens rights is not the answer.
But, never forget the words of Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”
Stay tuned and have a good day, one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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Is it time to stock up on guns and ammo?

If you’ve never visited Ahrcanum before, we live on a farm.  We grow food for you to eat.  Wheat, corn. Peaceful, church attending conservatives.  Sometimes we raise chickens, but have eaten them all. Goats, horses and a bunch of cats and kittens in the barns.  Neighbors with more cows than kids.  Today we have rain, this is good.  Today we also had a raccoon out in the daylight.  This is bad. Probably rabid.  Pulled out the gun, shot it dead and buried it.  What else you going to do with a dead coon?

Got us thinking that we have a gun handy most times on our private property.  Mainly we only kill to eat, aka deer season- but no one is going to eat a rabid coon, coyote, or skunk.  We are also not found of being attacked by crazy critters.  We’ve taken the gun safety class to allow for concealed permit but with all the hub-ub over the Martin Zimmerman case, it has made us reluctant to go pay the fee and register for the license for the concealed carry.  Should we? Also once you have that permit, it is clear to the federal and state government that you are assumed to be carrying a weapon and will be treated as such. If you get pulled over for a broken tail light- interior lights on, window down, hands on steering wheel, disclose you have a license to carry even if a weapon not in car or on your person, and above all do not fkcing move.  

We are card carrying NRA members and keep hearing fears that a second Obama administration might restrict gun ownership and the ability of access to ammo.  In March 2012-

The Department of Homeland security has just executed an order for enough rounds of 40 caliber ammunition to kill every man, woman and child in the United States.

A shocking new defense contract entered by the Department of Homeland Security to secure a massive amount of amount of ammunition, with the option for infinite supply and infinite delivery, raising the question of just what they are preparing for? Massive civil unrest? An invasion by a foreign power?

The order is to supply 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammunition which is more than one bullet for every single person in the United States.  http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/03/16/dhs-order-450-million-rounds-40-caliber-ammunition-97771/

That’s a lot of ammo on the domestic front. Police use? The fact that it is a DHS order and not a military requests turns our antennae. Is it an uh-oh moment? Is there government preparation against some kind of anarchy on the ‘homeland.’ Oh, we hate that word.  A defense agains the OWS movement? Can’t help but go back to The Weather Underground of which those jackwads Ayers and his wife declared war on the US, had dinner with the Obama’s and still walk free.  And you people elected him anyways.

If there is an ammo shortage, how about a gun shortage?  Is now the time Annie should go get more guns?  Ah, but the government knows when you buy guns and you have to pass the background check.  So what, right?  Along comes this little ditty of a video that highlights the government possibly taking away your guns.  We didn’t pay for the WPress update for video uploads so you have to click for yourself http://dprogram.net/2012/07/17/troops-ordered-to-kill-all-americans-who-do-not-turn-in-guns/

So the source is DProgram, again so what?  They couldn’t make it up if they tried.  The document under discussion is from The U.S. Department of State, Publication 7277, Disarmament Series 5, September 1961.  It calls for a general and complete disarmament subject to international controls and that adequet peace keeping means must be established.  Can you say U.N. peacekeepers on U.S. Soil?

Freedom From War

The United States Program
for General and Complete
Disarmament in a Peaceful


Disarmament Series 5
Released September 1961

Office of Public Services

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. – Price 15 cents

Document in it’s entirety at- http://dosfan.lib.uic.edu/ERC/arms/freedom_war.html

The same kind of U.N. peacekeepers who supported the Congolese army? The U.N.—along with its 19,000 uniformed peacekeepers, special-forces units, armored personnel carriers and attack helicopters—in effect found itself supporting units accused of mass killings and rapes of civilians….the global peacekeeping budget has increased by a similar degree to $7.8 billion, of which the U.S. is assessed 27%.  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303836404577476460542151978.html

The document goes on to read-

The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those types and quantities to be use by U.N. Peace force and those required to maintain internals order.  ALL other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.

Remember, it was Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting stated, “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.”

If we look at Fast and Furious, and FEMA’s failed test of the Emergency Broadcast System, just maybe the government that Obama wants to expand might not be capable of carrying out or allowing disarmament.  But what if they are?  We ask again, should Annie get more guns?

Just maybe President Obama, and the hopefully future President Romney, will read the Constitution again.

Second Amendment – Bearing Arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of

the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


BTW- The super secretive Cerberus capital investment group has created something called The Freedom Group including: Remington, Bushmaster Firearms, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, The Parker Gun, EOTAC, Mountain Khakis, Advanced Armament Corp., Dakota Arms and Barnes Bullets. Cerberus Capital has the same first name as the three-headed dog in Greek mythology that guarded the gate to Hades- the underworld. http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/cerberus-greek-mythology.html

Note. As Romney prepared for his first presidential run in 2006, he signed up as a lifetime NRA member.
Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/20120719gun-lovers-fear-obama-politico.html#ixzz216AE2doa


Stay tuned and have a good day, one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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It is your constitutional right to bear arms.  It is also your choice to own a gun, but the battle in some states legislatures gives more people the opportunity than others.  Idiots like Joseph Sean McVey sure don’t help the cause any.

In Chicago you can’t have a weapon in your home to defend yourself.  How stupid is that?  The Supreme Court is going to let us know as they debate the case.  In contrast, in Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer has signed legislation allowing residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit. http://thestatecolumn.com/articles/04_22/california_arizona_oklahoma_pass_gun_laws_8394.php

Washington D.C. Vote, which suffered a setback this week when the voting rights bill stalled in Congress, publicly called on President Obama today to state he will veto any legislation that includes provisions to roll back the city’s gun control laws. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dc/2010/04/dc_vote_obama_should_veto_any.html

In 2008, a 5-4 ruling specifically struck down a ban on handguns in Washington, D.C. The court ruled that the District of Columbia’s 32-year-old ban on handguns is incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment.  http://cbs2chicago.com/local/supreme.court.handguns.2.757471.html

The Obama Administration has signed laws allowing guns in national parks, and we know the President himself  is well protected by gun toting security. 

North Carolina has a permitting system that requires training and criminal background checks, Ohio also has a waiting period and a background check requirement.  Over the weekend-


A 23-year-old Ohio man carrying a handgun was arrested near the runway as President Obama was leaving Asheville, NC.  Joseph Sean McVey pulled his car by the gate and was listening to a police scanner,  just as Air Force One was taxiing.  The officer and Secret Service agents asked for McVey’s identification and when they ran his driver’s license number through a computer it did not come back as valid, according to the case summary.

When the officer asked what he was doing, McVey stated “he heard the president was in town. He stated he wanted to see the president,” according to a case summaryhttp://www.alan.com/

He heard the President was in town, but not his town?

His car was equipped with clear LED law enforcement-style strobe lights in the front and rear dash, Smith said. The car also had a mounted digital camera in the front window, four large antennas on the trunk lid, and under the steering wheel was a working siren box. Smith said McVey was not in law enforcement.

When McVey got out of the car, he was listening to a handheld scanner and radio that had a remote earpiece, Smith said. Police said he was monitoring local agencies and had formulas for rifle scopes on a note in his cup holder. Police did not immediately elaborate on what the formulas might mean and Smith was not available to comment late Sunday.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/25/joseph-mcvey-a… 

Showing up to see the President carrying a gun in a souped up car with rifle mounts is just stupid.  Score one for security.  Eventually we we hear where he got his gun.  So who is this idiot Joseph Sean McVey ?


Joseph Sean McVey Social Media background:

A variety of social networking and personal websites also show that Joseph Sean McVey is a HAM radio enthusiast.

On policelink.monster.com, McVey wrote that his hobbies include “shooting, fishing, hunting, piano, trumpet (and) voice.”

McVey, a resident of Coshocton, Ohio, graduated from West Liberty University in July 2009, according to a website he created listing himself as a sound engineer. The school has about 2,600 students and is located about an hour southwest of Pittsburgh.

He majored in music technology, according to his Myspace profile, which also lists him as a HAM radio operator with the call sign K8JSM. According to a post by McVey on qrz.com, a HAM radio-oriented website, he goes by his middle name, Sean.

On Sunday, an Asheville airport police officer noticed large antennas on McVey’s vehicle as he sat near an airport runway.

“Generally my antennas sit at the bottom of the rear windshield, on the front lip of my trunk, and this provides for some directionality towards the front of the vehicle,” McVey wrote on qrz.com. “This enables me to help increase signal strength when necessary.”

McVey’s sites indicate he may be a member of SKYWARN, a National Weather Service program that calls on citizens to report severe weather.

On Friday, he posted two “tweets” from Limestone, N.C., on his Twitter account. Limestone is a small town about 25 minutes south of Asheville.

McVey posted three tweets additional tweets before he was arrested, the last, which he posted on Saturday, citing a CNN warning of tornado watches in multiple states.http://twitter.com/jseanmcvey

His Xanga profile page, last updated in 2006, lists his birthday as April 16, 1987.

In 2007, McVey posted a blog on his Myspace profile that said he got a job working “as IntelliTarget Marketing. (Verifying addresses on magazine subscriptions and, soon, political ‘advertising’ for the One Million Republicans, a new Republican group postered by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay).”

Other blogs describe girl troubles and his frustrations surrounding his efforts to become a good pianist. He hasn’t posted a new blog since 2008.

His Facebook page, which the Citizen-Times had limited access to, lists him as a fan of Asheville and, separately, as a fan of downtown Asheville.

His website is http://jseanmcvey.com/

On his YouTube account, McVey has favorited more than 100 videos, including multiple law enforcement-related videos and one that allegedly shows U.S. soldiers accidentally killing civilians in Iraq.

None of the sites examined by the Citizen-Times included any mention of President Barack Obama.  Some background info provided from http://www.democraticunderground.com/

Don’t you wonder what your social media background says about you?  Have you googled yourself lately?

Responsible citizens are not criminals.  Not running background checks on people is negligent, only a mere inconvenience for the privilege. 

It is a right to own a firearm under law. It is the person’s responsibility to act accordingly and be a law-abiding citizen. It is choice or a decision that a person has to make whether he or she gets behind the wheel intoxicated or decides to go on a “rampage.” It is this great country that gives a citizen the resources, rights and opportunity to succeed and feel protected of their freedom. It is the choice of a citizen to follow the laws. When the majority of society becomes uncivil and unethical with their resources and decisions is when everyone will be in danger. http://www.dailytargum.com/opinions/gun-ownership-law-properly-protects-citizens-rights-1.2233714

McVey, obviously made the wrong choice. 

Steve Lee – writer and performer of the infamous song “I Like Guns” – swung by for a tour of NRA headquarters last week. While there, he was good enough to sit down and play an acoustic version of his YouTube hit for the cameras. Spliced into the mix are shots of Steve & his wife Tracey’s tour, his time at the range, and meeting some of the folks at the office. via The NRA Blog http://www.nrablog.com/post/2010/04/26/Steve-Lee-Unplugged-I-Like-Guns.aspx.

I like guns, but not in the wrong hands.

On the recommended reading list- Ted Nugent’s Ted, White & Blue.  http://www.amazon.com/Ted-White-Blue-Nugent-Manifesto/dp/1596985550

U.S. Firearms
Legal Topics
Assault weapons ban
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Brady Violence Prevention Act
Concealed carry in the U.S.
Federal Firearms License
Firearm case law
Firearm Owners Protection Act
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Gun laws in the U.S. — by state
Gun laws in the U.S. — federal
Gun politics in the U.S.
National Firearms Act
Straw purchase
Sullivan Act (New York)
Violent Crime Control Act


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Deer is Good

Deer steak is awesome and so is the benefit of providing food for your family. God rest her soul, she was not shot in vein.  We’ll say a prayer of thanks to God like always. 

Let us tell you it wasn’t an easy day.  Snow, sit, freeze, wait, freeze more, shoot, gut, clean, drag, show the kids, tag, take to government tagging station, hang to bleed out, clean gun, store gun in safe, wash blood covered clothes,and next week back to the butcher for steaks and ground kielbasa!  Just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Not that it really has anything to do with it but if you haven’t seen The Deer Hunter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deer_Hunter  now is the perfect time.  The film stars Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, John Savage, John Cazale, George Dzundza and Chuck Aspegren.  We’re not giving away the ending but…The film ends with the whole cast at the wake, singing “God Bless America” and a toast.

Indeed, God Bless America.

If you are not already a member may we suggest the NRA membership as the perfect holiday gift at http://home.nra.org/#/home.   As America’s oldest civil rights organization, the NRA’s mission is to preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution, especially the inalienable right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

For some great deer recipes check out http://www.hidetanning.net/VenisonDeerMeatRecipes.html

Kill to eat.  Humans excluded.

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The U.S. Constitution has apparently been suspended in parts of America in an effort to protect its borders from everything from illegal immigration to terrorists.  Rightful to protect its border, except that the border has been seemingly redefined to include a 100 mile wide strip that goes around the entire “external boundary” of the entire United States.

“The extraordinary authority that the U.S. government possesses at its borders is spilling into regular American streets, affecting large populations of its citizens. Nearly two-thirds of the entire population of the country now lives within 100 miles of the U.S. land and coastal borders, an area that has been designated by the government as a “Constitution Free Zone”.  http://www.naturalnews.com/024734.html  and posted similarly at  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/10/22/163652/37/734/638977

Could all liberties are put aside if you are rightly or wrongly id’s as having done something wrong?  Would there will be no guarantee of The Bill of Rights protection, no referring to case law and no lawyers to argue on your behalf? 

The ACLU lays claim that “Border Patrol agents are not remaining confined to a border security purpose.”  http://www.aclu.org/privacy/37293res20081022.html and it’s blog http://blog.aclu.org/?s=constitution+free+zone says that “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is allowed to exercise extraordinary authority that would not normally be permitted under the Constitution.

(ATS) traveler risk assessment program, identity and tracking systems such as electronic (RFID) passports, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI),  Secure Border Initiative Network (SBINet) or “virtual border fence” and unmanned aerial vehicles (aka “drone aircraft”) all monitor movement.   

The Department of Homeland Security is in itself, necessary.  Agents of the FBI, CIA, NSA must cooperate to protect the homeland, but using the word ‘homeland’ outside of a historical discussion of Germany has allowed law enforcement authorities access to broad powers and is just a creepy reminder of Gestapo tactics.  To assume an abuse of power is fear mongering, but fair minded caution must be exercised.  The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and FISA-Protect America Act were enacted post 9-11 for good reason and have been tweaked numerous times to keep America Safe with as little intrusion as possible.

It becomes paramount that we question how secure the technology is in foreign countries and in our own country.  http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article9930.shtml  The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America author James Bamford writes about how spying on American citizens has been outsourced to companies closely linked to Israel’s intelligence services. “With unrivaled access to sources and documents, Bamford details how the agency has conducted domestic surveillance without court approval, and he frames it in the context of the NSA’s ongoing hunt for information about today’s elusive enemies. http://www.amazon.com/Shadow-Factory-Ultra-Secret-Eavesdropping-America/dp/0385521324

The Department of Homeland Security “claims that data gathered for law enforcement purposes will be “in compliance with privacy and civil liberties laws and policies of the United States,” the GAO found that “by broadly sharing information with non-federal users, who are not bound by the Privacy Act, personal information could be at risk of being used in ways not specified when it was originally collected.” Considering that some 70% of U.S. intelligence assets are employees of private security and defense contractors, NAO is a civil liberties disaster waiting to happen.” http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=BUR20081109&articleId=10864

The far side would have us believe that we have a ruling oligarchy that professes an agenda of militarism, corporatism, and socialism that encroaches itself upon citizens at the expense of the general population with more domestic control and intimidation.  Maybe the far isn’t so far off? Obama has proposed a mandatory civilian force http://www.rightpundits.com/?p=2318 with equal funding to the military which is already on active duty on our soil http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/09/army_homeland_090708w/, Charles Rangle has a Draft Bill just lying in wait http://www.talkleft.com/story/2006/11/19/152217/04  , “The Bailout” has the government owning banks and Obama’s policies in waiting have been compared to Marxism. http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/are-bailouts-marxist/

For now, we will wait to see what decisions Obama makes to shield our country from danger and protect her citizens.  “Let’s be clear here and shed whatever illusions one may have about the outcome of last Tuesday’s election. Despite the overwhelming rejection of the Bush administration and their surrogates by the American people, the incoming Obama administration will pay lip-service to civil liberties and the rule of law. This however, will amount to no more than a better public relations campaign, image management and product roll-out. America rebranded.” wrote Tom Burghardt  http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=BUR20081109&articleId=10864  His blog can be found at http://antifascist-calling.blogspot.com/

For now though our Bill of Rights are safe.  In an all too plausible court case, The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision narrowly “ruled to uphold the Bill of Rights, the very tenets upon which American society is based. “After carefully considering the relevance of the 10 inviolable rights that comprise the ideological foundation on which our nation is built, the court finds that these basic freedoms remain important for the time being, and should not be overturned,” read the majority opinion authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who cast the tie-breaking vote. “Until such time as it can be definitively proven that citizens no longer require the protections provided by the Bill of Rights, it shall remain the principal legal guidance for the United States of America.” The Supreme Court’s latest decision comes on the heels of last month’s 6-3 ruling to abolish the pursuit of happiness from the three inalienable rights guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/supreme_court_upholds_bill?utm_source=onion_rss_daily   Kudos to Justice Anthony Kennedy for saving The Bill of Rights and shame, shame, shame on those Justices who sought not to protect the Bill of Rights and who did solemnly swear to uphold those rights. From Wiki-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_of_office#Federal_judicial_oaths

For readers are not familiar with The Onion, the Supreme Court Ruling is a satire and did not occur.  No Court has had issue with the Constitution Free Zone, yet.  When standing behind, beside or in front of the ACLU, keep in mind it may not stand up to protect all of The Bill of Rights either, “ACLU doesn’t mean all of the original 10 amendments because its policy No. 47 says, “Except for lawful police and military purposes, the possession of weapons by individuals is not constitutionally protected,” thereby ignoring the Second Amendment.”  http://www.stoptheaclu.com/archives/2008/09/06/aclu-very-selective-in-upholding-bill-of-rights/

Defending our borders, The U.S. Constitution and our privacy laws is a balancing act that will require Obama’s political vision be clear and forthright through out his entire Presidency.   Good luck with that theory of  a President being forthright though. Obama himself has barred the public from seeing his birth certificate, college transcripts, medical background, etc., so I’d say Obama’s privacy has been protected pretty dang well here in America.

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