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We just wanted to say good day to all the government agencies that may be reading this. Have a good weekend, may God bless you and The United States of America.

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With all the talk of drones, along comes two identical black helicopters over the farm house. Loud as all get up, had a chance to grab the phone camera.

Couldn’t see any markings on it at all. Fair to rule out traffic copters as there is no traffic in our little town.

We’ve had the fracking helicopters but they have been blue, fly lower, and usually are carrying long wires with what we assume is seismic gadgetry.

Ya just got to wonder who is up there, looking down here. Are there really Men in black?

March 7, 1013

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Spector 360, a government spy program likely runs 365 days a year just like TrapWire.

“We are looking for what we call indicators of compromise,” Joy Miller, deputy assistant secretary for security at the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA’s parent agency, says to the Washington Post.


What do you spy with your little eye?

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A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song ~ Maya Angelou


We had a bunch of barn swallows up on the gutter making a racket. Got to thinking about reports of dead birds in massive amounts. What’s killing them? Toxins, lightning strikes, electromagnetics, HAARP, natural deaths or nefarious kills?

No idea if the bird flu is to blame.

In the news is drones, robotic bugs and insects spying on the people who paid for them. That would be you and I, the taxpayer. Is it plausible the bird kills are intentional b/c they have been armed with cameras or spreading disease, intentionally or otherwise?

Twitter has a bird as its logo and that’s why when you join, you’re an egg. And your home button is a birdhouse. Tweet, tweet.

In case u were born stupid, Twitter is monitored by a host of government agencies. All tweets except for direct messages are stored in The Library of Congress. Hello.

You may want to flip the bird, but someone is watching.

Chirp. Fly free.

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