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“The ring is the place where a man can project what’s in his mind legally.”

—Archie Moore http://t.co/FEbHERgj

Boxing champ Kelly Pavlik (37-2) will take to the ring on March 31st! Good for him and good for boxing. After some challenges in his personal life, it seems the Youngstown, Ohio native is focused on regaining a belt. He has a new trainer with Garcia and a bad ass attitude to win.

Pavlik will return to the ring to face Aaron Jaco on March 31 in San Antonio, manager Cameron Dunkin said Thursday. The fight will take place at Illusions Theater, a 3,700-seat venue at the Alamodome, Top Rank spokesman Lee Samuels told ESPN.com.

The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds with a contract weight of 170 pounds, but Dunkin said the weight — heavier than usual for Pavlik — was a consideration for Jaco and that Pavlik, who aims to fight in either the 168-pound super middleweight division, or perhaps even return to the 160-pound middleweight division, would come in under the weight. http://espn.go.com/boxing/story/_/id/7662977/kelly-pavlik-set-first-fight-10-months

He’s training in California, far from the distractions and temptations that led to a visit at The Betty Ford Clinic. Make no illusions, staying focused mentally before and after this fight will be the key in his future success. We’ve known him to be a champion in the ring, maintaining poise and class out of the ring, for many boxers, is what may be the hardest fight.

We’ve seen him be a mentor to young man, Dante Delsignore with cancer, and we’ve seen him in compromising positions too. He is at his best in the boxing ring, not owning or being in a bar setting.

“I hate to say it, because I like him as a fighter,” said Perron, 75, who worked with the legendary Marvelous Marvin Hagler. “But, I think Kelly’s done.”
Continue reading on Examiner.com Is Kelly Pavlik really “into boxing again” and done with alcohol? – Boston Boxing | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/boxing-in-boston/is-kelly-pavlik-really-into-boxing-again-and-done-with-alcohol#ixzz1pIL7qb4A

Pavlik finally has fire in his eyes. He’s hungry and he’s pissed at the haters and naysayers like Perron. He’s got something to prove not only to himself but to the fans who have followed his career. He looks fit, healthy, strong, and is focused on winning. Of course, Jaco is there to win too. We might expect a little rust, with Pavlik coming from the rustbelt- but like his hometown has tried to do, it comes back stronger.

Pavlik fights as, “The Ghost.” A haunting reminder that his opponents never see the knockout coming there way. At least that’s how we’re gonna look it.

Our prediction, 3rd round TKO. Pavlik wins.




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It seems eminent that the trial of the 9/11 Guantanamo Bay detainees will not be held in New York City, NY, USA after all.

So where should it be other than at Gitmo, where it should have been held in the first place?  44% of people think the suspected terrorists linked to 9/11 trials should be held at Guantanamo Bay, but 49 % think the trials of suspected terrorists linked to 9/11 be held in the continental United States but not have the same rights as U.S. citizens.  http://race42008.com/2010/02/01/poll-watch-rasmussen-survey-on-terror-trials/

The trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed won’t be held in lower Manhattan and could take place in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, sources said last night.  Administration officials said that no final decision had been made but that officials of the Department of Justice and the White House were working feverishly to find a venue that would be less expensive and less of a security risk than New York City.  http://www.the-two-malcontents.com/2010/01/30/bay-what-guantanamo-eyed-for-911-trial/ 

Gee, thanks for trying to save us some money and put an end to the hassle of holding a trial in NYC.   

…no mistake about it. A trial of KSM and other designated detainees accused of terrorist acts at the Manhattan federal courthouse will carry with it an enormous price, measured not only in dollars. Lives will be disrupted. Several federal judges, as well as prosecutors who were previously involved in terrorist cases, lived for years under the complete protection of the U.S. Marshals Service. Lawyers and litigants in unrelated cases will face a huge inconvenience upon approaching and entering the courthouse. And it cannot be disputed that the security measures necessary to prosecute KSM will be felt, like shockwaves, through lower Manhattan. So the real question is not whether another federal court or another federal facility would be better suited; the real question is whether civilian authority should have to bear the burden of prosecuting non-citizen terrorists. writes http://blackpoliticalbuzz.blogspot.com/2010/02/obama-admin-dithering-on-terror-trial.html

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday threatened to try to cut off the cash the Obama administration will need to shut down the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and hold terrorism trials in U.S. courts. A day after the White House abruptly changed course and said it was reconsidering its decision to hold a terrorism trial in downtown New York, the Kentucky Republican mocked the Obama administration for citing former President George W. Bush as a precedent for holding such trials on U.S. soil. via http://www.americanconservativedaily.com/2010/02/gop-idea-slash-cash-for-gitmo-shutdown/

So, where?  What to do with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Khalid Sheik Mohammed, barring setting them free on the streets of ground zero?

Forbes offers a look at America’s most miserable cities. http://www.forbes.com/2008/01/29/detroit-stockton-flint-biz-cz_kb_0130miserable.html with Detroit coming in at number one. 

Baltimore and St. Louis still have among the worst crime rates when 2008 crime statistics are adjusted for socioeconomic factors, says the Baltimore Sun. http://thecrimereport.org/2010/01/29/baltimore-st-louis-crime-rates-among-highest-in-adjusted-rankings/

On Friday, Ohio Job and Family Services reported that the statewide unemployment rate for December was 10.9 percent, up from 10.6 percent in November.  Among Ohio’s largest cities, Youngstown had last month’s highest jobless rate.http://www.marionstar.com/article/20100127/NEWS01/1270306/-1/newsfront2/December-unemployment-rate-jump-causes-concern.  Youngstown half way between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH could use a boost in the economy and there is a federal courthouse.

Las Vegas homeowners had the highest U.S. foreclosure rate last year, and California and Florida cities accounted for 17 of the nation’s 20 worst markets as unemployment extended the housing recession.  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-01-28/las-vegas-california-cities-top-foreclosure-list-in-2009.html  Nah, someone just tried to shoot up the federal courthouse there. Pass.

Top 10 Worst Traffic Cities in the United States For 2009:http://www.therealestatebloggers.com/2009/07/08/top-10-worst-traffic-cities-in-the-united-states-for-2009/

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana CA  New York-Newark NY-NJ-CT  Chicago IL– IN  Atlanta GA  Miami FL   Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington TX Washington DC-VA-MD   San Francisco-Oakland CA  Houston TX  Detroit MI

Its already going to be a fluscter cluck, so rule these cities out on security reasons alone!

How about Nebraska, not much news from there these days?  Cold as hell and there’s a lot of open areas.  Cheyenne, Wyoming?  Maybe a suburb of Iowa- the potatoes are all nestled in their bed for winter.

Maybe the Florida Keys?  There is only one bridge to cross, and the government could run it like it does an airport screening facility.

It’s awfully cold in Alaska, perfect for detainees who are used to kneeling toward the sun while it warms their ass.

Of the ten worst named cities in America, http://www.toptenz.net/10-worst-named-cities.php, our personal vote of where the trials should be held is the town of Intercourse, PA. 

The taxpayers are getting screwed anyway, so the town of Intercourse seems a logical choice.  Since there isn’t a federal courthouse, we can just spend some of the remaining TARP funds to stimulate it’s economy.  Perhaps there is a little wiggle room in the $3.8 trillion dollar budget from President Obama to garner whatever would be necessary to hold the trial there. Surely the local Amish population would pitch in, as many of them are known for being master carpenters.  

Attorney General Eric Holder might want to consider moving there as well.  He can visit the home of North America’s largest African Elephant “Fannie.” on Mondays through Fridays at the Intercourse Zoo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercourse,_Pennsylvania

Whatever city is chosen for the trial, it is going to be a fiasco on American soil- all at the expense of the thousands who died on September 11.

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Pavlik Wins to Keep Championship Title

December 19th, 2009, Boxers Kelly Pavlik Vs. Miguel Espino, met for the World Middleweight Championship at Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OHIt turned out that it was December 20th by the time the fight got started and Pavlik defeated Espino in round 5.

WBC/WBO Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik (35-1, 31 KO’s) record speaks for itself at http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=15844&cat=boxer,  defeating some of the best know boxers  Pavlik won again!

  • 2007-05-19: Defeated highly-touted and top-ranked Edison Miranda by a 7th Round TKO in a WBC Middleweight Title Eliminator.
  • 2007-09-29: Defeated World Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor by a 7th Round TKO for the WBC, WBO, and The Ring Middleweight Titles. He also won the Linear World Middleweight Championship.
  • 2008-02-16: Won a Unanimous Decision victory in his much-anticipated rematch with Taylor at a catch weight of 166 pounds.
  • Pavlik’s last fight in February, 2009 was also held in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio  giving him a decided home ring advantage over Miguel Ángel Espiño, of  North Hollywood, California, United States.  You might remember Espiño as a contestant on the NBC boxing reality television show The Contender.   Peter Manfredo Jr. defeated  Espino who’s record is at 20-2-1, 9 KO’s. 

    Manfredo was previously stripped of the IBU Light Middleweight Title March 31, 2003, for failure to defend,  although that certainly has not curtailed his boxing career. Manfredo slammed Ronald Weaver  in a match held Martin’s Valley Mansion, Cockeysville, Maryland, United States on November 5, 2009, knocking him down in the first round and going on to win. 

    Youngstown, Ohio is familiar with having things stripped from it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youngstown,_Ohio#cite_ref-24  The dignity of being once titled a murder capital of the U.S. along with Gary, Indiana the title has been removed and the city and police have mitigated the crime spree.  At one point, Youngstown held the indignity of one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation when the steel mills shut down.  It was Pavlik’s obligation now, to defend his title or have it stripped that brought this fight to Youngstown this Saturday night. 

    The fight mentality of the people of Youngstown is;  that fighting for everything you’ve got is mandatory, and that includes a mandatory fight by Pavlik.

    “We were supposed to fight Paul Williams on December 5th. The hand still wasn’t 100%. We asked him for another month to get ready, but he still took the fight (with Martinez) on December 5th. We weren’t looking to fight until the end of January or early February, and then the next thing you know, the WBO and the WBC said, Kelly you guys have to fight. You have to, or we’re stripping you of your title on the 19th. Usually we go eight weeks for a training camp. Now, it’s only five weeks,” Pavlik explained.http://www.fightnews.com/?p=32669#more-32669

    “Medically, it was tough,” Pavlik said. “Just when we thought we had it, something else came up. Then after surgery, it turns into MRSA and gets worse and worse. Every time we thought we had it beat, there was a reaction. But the hand feels great now. We’re ready to go.” reported Associated Press via http://www.usatoday.com/sports/boxing/2009-12-08-1983809512_x.htm.

    Go they did on the last card around midnight.  The fight promoted by Bob Arum was hardly a sell out with less than half of the arena filled.  Turns out the facility would not accept cash for tickets nor would they participate with Ticketmaster resulting in a blackout of pay-for-view for area bars. About 25% of the population lives below the poverty line.  Ironically enough, Pavlik owns a bar in the Youngstown area and his own place could not show his fight.

    Whether you saw it or not, which we did on pay per view, Pavlik successfully defended his title and gave his hometown an early Christmas present- victory! 

    Pavlik, 27, will now turn his attention to Paul Williams, whom he was supposed to fight on 3 October.  His hand infection originally caused the fight to be postponed until 5 December, and it was then cancelled when Pavlik realised his left hand was still injured.  American Williams decided to fight Sergio Martinez on that date instead, winning on points.  Pavlik said Williams is now the priority, but if another deal cannot be reached, he will turn his attentions to WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm according to http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/boxing/8423079.stm.

    You can follow Pavlik at http://www.teampavlik.com/ .

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    Jim Traficant Free From Jail, Free To Speak Out

    Former Congressman Jim Traficant of Ohio is free to speak out about the government once again, having never issued any statements from prison.  Traficant served 17 years in Congress.  In July of 2002 he  received an eight year prison sentence after being convicted of racketeering, bribery, obstruction of justice and tax evasion. The House, using the trial transcript, expelled him.

    Traficant refused to apply for clemency or a reduction in his sentence, saying that to do so would force him to admit his guilt and apologize for his crimes.  He says he did not commit any crimes, so he would not admit to them and was not going to apologize for something he says he did not do.  He did not want his family to see him in prison and he and his wife, Tish went 7 years without seeing each other.

    Traficant is famous for his unique one minute “beam me up” speeches, many listed here at http://www.thememoryhole.org/traficant/ Now a private citizen on probation, Traficant has already began speaking out about the government and what he thinks needs to be fixed at a sold out, welcome home appreciation party held Sunday, September 6, 2009 in his hometown of The Mahoning Valley-Youngstown, Ohio.

    Traficant is scheduled to be on Fox News’  On the Record at 10 p.m. ET Thursday, September 10, 2009, hosted by Greta Van Susteren.  

    As you know, we went to Ohio today to interview former Congressman Jim Traficant.  He got out of prison about a week ago and gave us a long interview today (you will see tomorrow night on ON THE RECORD at 10pm.) What was rather interesting was how many people went up to Traficant and hugged him and thanked him.  I pulled out my camera to grab some of the citizen meetings for you so that you can see for yourself:  http://gretawire.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/09/09/sneak-peek-jim-traficant/?action=late-new&order=asc.  His hair still appears to have its trademarked weed whacker look in this photo- 


    Traficant’s more famous speech, “The Bankruptcy of the United States” delivered on the floor of Congress in 1993 proclaimed:

    “The United States Federal government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, declared by President Roosevelt. The receivers of the United States bankruptcy are the International bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States offices, officials and departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War powers. This new form of government is known as a Democracy (instead of a Republic), being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek_3X2ONCx0&feature=related 

    May 2, 2001- Congressional Record, Congressman Traficant
    “Mr. Speaker, the Great Lakes are now open. The first foreign ship to dock in Cleveland, Ohio, carried 10,000 tons of steel from Russia. While mills are closing in Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh, steel mills are closing all over America. Ten thousand tons of illegally dumped steel just came in to America. Unbelievable.  Think about it. It is getting so bad the Army almost bought, without Congress’ interference, black berets for the Army from China. Beam me up. If our trade program is so good, why does Europe not do it? Why does Japan not do it? Why does China not do it?  I think it is time to put things in order in America, my colleagues. Enough is enough. I yield back the sell-out of America, wholesale, to Communist dictators, and the loss of jobs to these socialist, communist countries.

    February 7, 2001- Congressional Record, Congressman Traficant
    Mr. Speaker, the trade deficit is at $10 billion a week, $40 billion a month, a half trillion dollars a year. Unbelievable. Japan continues to take $60 billion out of our economy a year, and China is now taking over $100 billion a year out of America, and both Japan and China continue to keep American products out.  Now, if that is not enough to neuter your dragon, China has missiles pointed at us.  Beam me up. A Nation that buys more than they sell will go bankrupt, and a Nation that allows illegal trade destroys all American industry. I yield back the bankruptcy of America’s steel industry. Day after day the filings continue to mount up.

    November 5, 1997- Congressional Record, Congressman Jim Traficant
    Mr. Speaker, see if this makes sense. America gives billions of foreign aid to Russia; Russia then takes American cash and builds new weapons; Russia then offers to sell the old weapons to Iran. America trying to keep nuclear technology from Iran, and they buy the old weapons from Russia. Russia then asks America for more foreign aid. America trying to keep the Marx brothers out of Russia, and I do not mean Groucho, give Russia more foreign aid. After all this, the State Department labels the National Council Resistance, the opposition party in Iran, fighting for democracy, trying to throw those bums out. They label them a terrorist group.  Unbelievable. How dumb can Uncle Sam be? Let us tell it like it is. Those Russian nuclear scientists are not hanging around Iran to watch belly dancers. What is next? Will the Pentagon lease Tehran?
    Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. With a foreign policy like this, I do not know how we still have our sovereignty.

    While Ron Paul and others might be a fan of his, the federal authorities are not.  Traficant says, “I was a target of the administration…I have been targeted.”  One must wonder if he is still a target.

    Mike Piper’s book, Target Traficant is available at www.AmericanFreePress.net with a video introduction here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbxdiZkp6l4

    For a little more history, read Jim Traficant, Fighting His Way at  https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/jim-traficant-fighting-his-way/

    And from politico- http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/26675.html

    What, no comment from fellow Democrat, President Obama?


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