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President Obama and I disagree on a lot of things, but his idea of my children spending more time in school puts me over the edge of disgust.

With props to Mommy Life http://mommylife.net/archives/2009/09/obama_kids_need.html  I stumbled into an AP article saying, “Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe.

Besides the fact that I have never seen any documentation of President Obama’s primary or secondary education, he is wrong.  Students around the globe come to America for the best education in the world, dear Sir.  There is no run for the border to Italy, Algeria, Egypt or elsewhere for higher learning.  Frig being a Rhodes scholar.

The public and parochial school systems may often be nothing more than over inflated propaganda machines at times.  It is hard to teach true grit and the idea of hard work and the desire to be the best.  I see the handouts of xerox copies from antiquated books and hear of the President of the United States saying study hard and if a poor black kid can make it so can you. 

The NEA and standardized testing teaches nothing as to what it takes to get ahead in this world.  One plus one used to equal two until President Obama’s socialistic programs came along to teach that you should spread the wealth so far that you will end up into negative territory.  Way to teach algebra.

Told my kids that even though they studied hard and got an A on the test everyone was getting a C.  That was only fair so that everyone would pass right?  Redistributing things so that they alone were not rewarded.  They got attention pdq.

One commentator at Mommy Life wrote- “Children need more love, more hugs, more kisses, more nature walks, more reading, more church camps, more gardening, more beach days, more pumpkin picking with Grandma, more museum visits, more visits to the elderly, more science center trips with Dad, more stories on Mommy’s lap, more LIFE!!”  I couldn’t agree more.

I am a working adult and I too need more time for love, hugs, and kisses to be bestowed upon my children.  I kiss and hug up my spouse all the time in front of the children.  It is called displays of affection and love. They need to see it and what is acceptable in a healthy relationship as they mature.  No government and no school is going to teach that – no matter how many hours they are forced to attend.

Our school offers something called ARC- a faith based youth group that goes out to do service deeds.  My eight year old absolutely refused to join saying that she does enough to help her grandmother with Alzheimer’s and that this group only pretends for a few hours to do the right thing.  That they don’t live community service,  they play and join when it is convenient.  That is grit- taught at home.  She is the only one out of the entire class that lives community service everyday, not just on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour.

The convenience of a school day to accomplish tasks is nice as a parent I must admit, but to think that more time in a structured environment will encourage more productivity is bull $hit.

It is the families job to have control of its children’s minds and hearts- not the governments.  Our youngest child is up at 6:30 am, gets home at 3, does homework for an hour, has dinner, grabs a shower, watches a few minutes of TV and sleeps. Throw in a soccer practice, track meet or some other extra curricular activity and the time spent as a family is reduced.  Play time—lol.

No wonder people buy their kids cell phones at the age of 5- the push to do more, be more, burn yourself out and forget about being a kid when all they have to do to say “I love you” to a parent is to text them. 

Imagination comes from play.  Sadly those days are few and far between during the school year.  Imagine if the apple had not hit Einstein, if no one dreamt of going to the moon, if all work and no play made Johnny so dull he never invented golf, tennis, football, basketball, etc.

Mr. President Sir- even you made time for trips to Hawaii and Cape Cod with your family.  Two whole weeks with your kids.  I for one, want every weekend and everyday of summer to enjoy our children.  To know them, for them to know me.  To know their favorite color, to buy a balloon and them tell me where it might go and who might find it when it is let go at the end of the day.  To go skiing on a snowy day, to head to the beach for spring break without the punishment of homework.

Letting go of our children to be productive citizens means we have done our jobs as parents and in no uncertain terms, it is not the job of the government.

The idea that schoolchildren are being indoctrinated to idolize President Barack Obama is ludacris and makes me wonder why now he has chosen to express his thought that kids need to spend more time in school.  Respect for the office yes but that is not what is coming across.   http://www.bostonherald.com/news/us_politics/view/20090926obama_song_prompts_school_probe/

President Obama you can not even control the spiraling debt, stay the fu(k out of my family time.

From School Kids Forced to Sing Praises to Obama! Indoctrination?
These elementary school kids are forced to sing songs of praise and worship to President Obama. Right or wrong? 


Is it all just an indoctrination to the Obama youth civilian corps and the youth volunteer act?

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Obama has added further insult to all Americans saying that we have, “failed to appreciate Europe.”  Charles Krauthammer tore into Obama saying that “It’s hard to appreciate an entity’s leading role in the world when it’s been sucking on your tit for 60 years as Europe has.”

How does a sitting President jest at the same citizens he leads?   The same citizens who are bailing out the world with its tax dollars, promising to contribute funds to a global stimulus package. 

Being politically correct, note that it is suddenly offensive to refer to our government owned entities like GM and AIG as receiving bailouts, but rather government stimulus funds. 

Whether you call the domestic and international contribution a bailout or a stimulus, the money is funding The New World Order.  It’s not as if you weren’t warned, you just didn’t want to believe.   For better or worse, Gordon Brown has once again confirmed the future saying, “”This is collective action…we have resolved that from today we will together manage the process of globalization.”

Leaders at the G-20 summit have agreed to give $1 trillion to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for global unity and a financial strategy. 

We will have to wait to see how much Obama has promised at the G20 summit.  Who and what entity gives Obama the power to spend?  Who authorized Obama to wear a Mr. Goodwrench hat and authorize government backed car warranties?

The latest domestic budget is $3.6  trillion dollars and will create $9.6 trillion in debt.  From the WSJ, ” President Barack Obama delivered a $3.6 trillion budget blueprint to Congress Thursday that aims to “break from a troubled past,” with expanded government activism, tax increases on affluent families and businesses, and spending cuts targeted at those he says profited from “an era of profound irresponsibility.”  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123564748462081261.html

Obama’s budget would produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade, more than four times the deficits of Republican George W. Bush’s presidency, congressional auditors said.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090320/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_budget

Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ failed because it hindered people from helping themselves.  In both domestic and on an international scale, we see the same mistakes.  Obama says it isn’t time to redecorate the house but rebuild foundations.  Founded upon the foundation of democracy, America now has a dictator style infringement upon the rights of private companies and private citizens. 

Obama’s budget bill will essentially allow the Treasury to define “fair pay” for all employees, at any level.  The Serve Act proposes to make volunteering for the government mandatory with pay and prohibits, “volunteers from participating in worship and church activities, political rallies and naturally being involved in a union.  All hail Obama?

Don’t act surprised.  From day one we knew Obama felt that the Constitution is fundamentally flawed.  Redistributive change and socialism was first brought to MSM light by Joe The Plumber.  The ‘change you can believe in’ and ‘change we need’ are code words for Barack Obama’s ultimate goal: ‘redistributive change.’  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=79225

Not ready for the NWO? Obama has plans for a civilian Army as large as our military, and as well funded- $650 billion annually.  U.S. Troops are on active duty on US Soil and Mexican Troops stand at the ready on the Mexican border.  The Omnibus Land Seizure Act just gave the government thousands of acres to train more soldiers or place civil disobedient citizens into detention centers.  The last stimulus Bill includes $8 billion for America’s railroad system will provide for easy transportation of dissenters to Fema camps. “High-speed rail is the infrastructure bank,” said Rahm Emanuel, quoted at http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0209/18924_Page2.html  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on behalf of Las Vegas interests seeking a rail link to Los Angeles coined the term, “Sin City to Tomorrow Land.”

If Martial Law comes in America, do not expect ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Network, Reuters or the AP to give a full or accurate account of the truth due to limitations of the digital broadcasting system and the Fairness Doctrine. 

Under the guise of escalating U.S. defenses against cyberattacks, The Internet, cyber security “czar” has unprecedented authority to shut down computer networks, including private ones. The bills sponsor- Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV.

You were warned, Obama’s tomorrow land is today.

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President Obama, regarding government contracts said that his administration will stop outsourcing to private contractors many services that should be performed by government employees.  Again, making the government bigger at the expense of the private sector. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100days/2009/03/04/obama-pledge-cut-government-waste/100days/

No matter how big the government gets, individuals do matter, even in Obamatimes.  It is the private sector that has spurned capitalism, it is the Obama administration that is relinquishing and further eroding free market economics.  Admitting that he is not following the daily” fluctuations” and concerns on Wall Street while millions loose their house, savings, jobs and shirts is ludicrous

Bush’s economic policies were holding their own ground until he was faced with Barney Frank’s Frannie/Freddie and the mortgage crisis that was helped in part by Obama’s ACORN, and he lost his marbles with an idiotic statement like, “I had to abandon free market principles to save the free market.”   Oh, President Bush, you broke my heart.

I recall it was President Bill Clinton era Federal regulations that set up the housing crisis that started this slide.  Most certainly every single member of Congress is responsible for allowing to ignore it.

Every time someone in the Obama administration opens their mouth regarding fiscal policy, the markets tank-so shut up already.  Obama made the commitment with more bailouts, and budgets lined with more pork continuing to ignore his own campaign promises.  

While Blagojevich and Burris have been found guilty in the court of public opinion, we can look back and see Obama himself was and is well versed in performing the quid pro quo and pork he has promised to eliminate. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0705030035may03,0,3860794.story  “”My philosophy was that, if money was being distributed, then it would be inappropriate for me to not get my share for my district.”

Our president, who seemingly is so set on having the government responsible for every detail of our lives has forgotten that you don’t need to have a “citizen army” or “citizen service” in order to get something done.  That “All communities to build upon the strength of our nation’s diversity of ideas, experience, and perspectives as we unite to serve. WE ARE READY to meet the challenges of our time. We are ready to do our part in America’s timeless quest for a more perfect union, and I am ready to begin now by adding my name to this Declaration,” reads more like a sign up sheet to join the Nazi Party than it does to offer a lending hand to our country. http://www.bethechangeaction.org/pledge/sign  Why anyone signs this pledge is beyond me.  Plenty of people volunteer without signing a pledge from Obama. 

Amazingly, it is our tax dollars that are funding a ton of national service with a hefty budget.  http://www.nationalservice.gov/about/budget/index.asp  Check out http://www.volunteeringinamerica.gov/ 

I am not completely heartless and actually do volunteer and make donations- which I think are no longer tax deductible under Obama.  Anyways, a few years ago a dear friend of ours prepared to celebrate her milestone 40th birthday on March 4th.  “I wondered what legacy, a simple woman like me with no fame, no wealth and no children, could leave. ”  In response to this, she looked to where her fortunes does lie – within dear friends and family scattered across the country, and asked all to help create a shared legacy.  To collectively, open our eyes and really LOOK at those around us…and to reach out in kindness.  The tradition continues this year, as it will for many years ahead.  Until we don’t need reminded to slow down and care for our neighbors.

She challenges each of us, on March 4th, to March Forth into your communities and give of yourselves.  So, dear friends, March Forth into your communities — act, commit, speak up, reach out, donate, give of yourself.  Learn more by following her new blog http://wemarch4th.blogspot.com/ or check out the original website at http://MarchForth.us to see how people have lived The March in past years. 

Remember, you don’t have to organize any big outings or large donations.  You don’t have to sign on the dotted line to be an Obama Community Organizer,  join the Army or commit to National Service to do something nice for someone else.  No matter whom you voted for, the date March 4th is used to pause from our busy schedules to remember that we are indeed part of a larger family and community. 
The site says, “March 4th is more than just a day…it’s our legacy.”  The Obama administration is more than just four years…it could be the legacy that destroys democracy with complete reliance on hand outs from government, rather than the willing hand of a neighbor.  
One individual person made a difference to come up with March Forth on March fourth.  It might be that Hillary Clinton was right in saying, “It takes a village.”  It shouldn’t take a government.

You might also want to check out March Forth Day from Gevity who gives all employees the day off to run errands for your soul. It is not a personal day, it’s a personal fulfillment day!

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