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Who is the Real Barack Obama?  This video makes fun of the McCain camps attack ads and is pretty funny when you get right down to it.  It plays on Obama Hussein and Saddam Hussein having nothing in common except middle names. 

What is not funny is that I still am not sure of That One’s full name.  Are you? 

Barry Baraq Mohammad Hussein Sottero Obama and sometimes a Jr. is added in just for good measure.  Onyango is thrown in sometimes too, just for good measure.

What else isn’t fun is the fact that actually the Obama 08 camp may have had a part in the Iraqi oil  for food program directly or indirectly by receiving contributions from billionaire Nadhmi Auchi and bag-man Antoin Tony Rezko.   http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/03/obamas_iraqi_oil_for_food_conn.html


C’mon and read between the lines here.

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I don’t know what an “American Name” is supposed to sound like.  My family immigrated here just like lots of other peoples and I don’t have a problem with any one’s name or where they come from unless they come from the unfriendly side of mars.  What I have a problem with is someone who doesn’t claim there own name specifically when they are running for President.  

Hussein or Husein is, I think is Obama’s middle name, it was also the name of his Kenyan Muslim dad.   Kind of a nice honor to be named after a relative but over the last election campaign I recall him accepting apologies as if it was an insult when people said his full name as Barrack Hussein Obama.  I also recall that in the Muslim faith if your dad is a Muslim, you are a Muslim.  Obama says he is a Christian and after 20 years of Reverend Wright’s sermons it must be so, and he said so. 

Is it supposed to remind us of Saddam Hussein, the dead Iraqi leader?  Hussein in Arabic means very beautiful.  Barrack or Baraq is Arabic also meaning blessing. Obama comes from Swahili, the Arabic language of parts of East Africa especially referring to members of the Luo tribe who have converted to Islam.  I can only hope that “blessing, the good” is not prophetic in our election. 

I know plenty of odd and unusual names but most names have meanings-  http://www.names-and-babies.net/ has a whole list of names and definitions and here are the most viewed.

Damerae 1924
Vedika 1215
Sanya 1100
Talei 920
A’ishah 692
Faven 662
Nijah 638
Ishanvi 596
Aahan 543
Aaliyah 512


For more on pronunciations and history of words check out http://www.studylight.org/lex/heb/view.cgi?number=01288 

Barack Hussein Obama, Juniors name is a perfectly good East African Muslim Name.  Like Anthony Soprano is a perfectly good Italian name.  

Barry Baraq Mohammad Hussein Sottero Obama – American citizen. Or is it Baraq or Barrack, or it it Hussein or Hussein or Hussain.   

Whatever you call him, please don’t call that one,  Mr. President. 

I’d much prefer Sidney–John McCain’s middle name. 

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