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Nuclear Physics Professor Massoud Mohammadi, Dead

The Dead Scientist List grows with the death of Iranian Nuclear Scientist, Masoud Ali Mohammadi today in Tehran, Iran.  A  bomb-rigged motorcycle blew up outside his home in the town of Qeytariye.  AP via http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100112/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_iran.

His death was blamed on the hands of Americans who, along with other nations have been pushing Iran to halt its uranium enrichment programs.  

Since Ali Mohammadi was one of the scientists of physics and nuclear energy, most probably intelligence services and elements of the Mossad and CIA had a hand in his assassination,” the Web site of state television quoted Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabad as saying. The accusation was echoed by the Foreign Ministry.    

In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner denied the charge. “Any charges of U.S. involvement are absurd,” he said. A U.S. intelligence official said the CIA played no role in the bombing death, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.     

From Al Jazeera -http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2010/01/201011273050938177.html  Alireza Ronaghi, reporting from Tehran, said Mohammadi might have had links to Iran’s disputed nuclear programme.  “Authorities who decided to remain unnamed tell me that Mohammadi had some connections with Iran’s nuclear programme and this could be related,” he said.  He said it was unclear who might have been behind the bombing.  “Anyone who is connected to Iran’s nuclear programme could be an easy target for [foreign] intelligence services.”    

It is not the first time America and its ally Isreal have been blamed for killing nuclear scientists.  From a ten year old article making reference to dead Iraqi scientists via http://mathaba.net/x.htm?http://mathaba.net/0_index.shtml?x=80029     

The Iraqi ambassador in Cairo, Ahmad al-Iraqi, accused Israel of sending to Iraq immediately after the US invasion “a commando unit” charged with the killing of Iraqi scientists.    “Israel has played a prominent role in liquidating Iraqi scientists … The campaign is part of a Zionist plan to kill Arab and Muslim scientists working in applied research which Israel sees as threatening its interests,” al-Iraqi said.  Dr. Imad Jad, an Israeli affairs expert at the Al-Ahram Studies Center, said the US had already airlifted 70 Iraqi scientists out of the country and placed them in areas to make it difficult for them to “transfer information to anti-US quarters.”  He said more than 310 Iraqi scientists have been killed so far and most of them at the hands of Mossad agents working in Iraq.      

In the long run, Non-proliferation maybe the goal but in the meantime the Dead Scientist List of those who have died suspiciously has added another name.    

More recent than where Rense left off in 2003, http://www.rense.com/general39/death.htm “the list world-acclaimed scientific researchers, specialising in infectious diseases and biological agents such as Smallpox and Anthrax, as well as DNA sequencing, environmental research and microbiology have died, many in unusual circumstances.” Mark J. Harper is a little more current http://theoneall.blogspot.com/2009/05/now-88-dead-scientists-and.html lists 88 dead scientists through 2005. Steve Quale has a list thru 2005 via http://www.stevequayle.com/dead_scientists/dead.scientists.chron.html     

Increasing numbers of the dead last year were noted on this post regarding missing vials of who knows what from Ft. Detrick https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/06/24/ft-detrick-lab-missing-9000-virus-vials-scientists-still-dying-from-unnatural-causes/  beginning in 2009 after Fort Detrick anthrax researcher Bruce E. Ivins killed himself in July, the FBI announced that he alone was responsible for anthrax mailings that killed five people and sickened 17 others in 2001.   

Dr. Ayaad Assaad an Egyptian-born toxicologist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the original suspect does not believe Ivins killed himself. ” You also have to tie into this the large numbers of dead microbiologists that have appeared since around the summer before these events, when the New York Times revealed the existence of the covert anthrax weapons programs run by the CIA, and that too is in the public record.” http://noworldsystem.com/2008/09/14/original-anthrax-patsy-says-ivins-didn%e2%80%99t-kill-himself/    

 Notable from 2009      

The  carcass of Indian famous nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam found from Kali River. The scientist had been mysteriously disappeared from the Kaiga Atomic Power Station on June 8, 2009. The Kaiga plant is located near one of the biggest naval bases, Project Seabird. http://pakistanfront.blogspot.com/2009/06/abducted-indian-nuke-scientist-found.html     

A British nuclear expert who fell from the 17th floor of a United Nations building did not commit suicide and may have been hurled to his death, says a doctor who carried out a second post-mortem examination.  Timothy Hampton, 47, a scientist involved in monitoring nuclear activity, was found dead last week at the bottom of a stairwell in Vienna.  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1224377/British-nuclear-experts-17th-floor-UN-death-plunge-suicide.html#ixzz0Ve8yrMQ8     

December 9, 2009- An award-winning Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri  traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier this year to perform a religious pilgrimage. He never returned. Shahram Amiri’s mysterious disappearance is turning into a Middle Eastern whodunit involving nuclear secrets and political intrigue, with a new round of accusations emerging this week and the U.S. government still refusing to comment.  http://www.mcclatchydc.com/iran/story/80348.html   

No longer are the targets just scientists, but doctors.    

From April 2009- An international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be “neutralised” or discredited because they criticised the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced.  Staff at US company Merck & Co emailed each other about the list of doctors – mainly researchers and academics – who had been negative about the drug Vioxx or Merck and a recommended course of action http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/drug-company-drew-up-doctor-hit-list/story-0-1225693586492

What’s that song… Lawyers, Guns n Money from Warren Zevon? http://www.davemcnally.com/lyrics/WarrenZevon/LawyersGunsandMoney.asp

Well, I went home with the waitress
The way I always do
How was I to know
She was with the Russians, too

I was gambling in Havana
I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns and money
Dad, get me out of this

I’m the innocent bystander
Somehow I got stuck
Between the rock and the hard place
And I’m down on my luck
And I’m down on my luck
And I’m down on my luck

Now I’m hiding in Honduras
I’m a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan

Send lawyers, guns and money…   

I don’t know of one lawyer that can get you out of the grave.  Quite a few governments can put you there.  RIP.

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