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Maps have gone bat shit crazy. So we walk from one side to the other side and the damn satellite follows us! Amazing, scary technology.



This was a Google test, Apple failed.

If u think for one flipping moment someone, somewhere can’t find your
ass -u r so mistaken.


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iPhone fixed!

Last Christmas we all got the new Apple iPhone including our 11 & 12 yr old daughters. Paid $600 a piece. Omg, right?

Labor day the 12 year old bumps hers into a yet to be used toilet. Ugh. Accidents happen and tried to use patience.

Her iPhone was dead as a door nail. Dried it off, stuck it in a bag w rice for 3 days- nothing. Day 4 put in indirect sunshine. Day 5 plugged it in overnight. Day 6- contemplating giving her mine and getting the iphone5 when…. It turned on!

Whew. Thanks to the Apple Gods. Sound, camera, 2000 pix all there!

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Friday March 23, 2012.  What’s twisting our antenna?

Apple is taking a huge technological leap forward this Leap Year, announcing the world’s first Inductive Charging System and Mounting System for iPad!

Check out the video from www.voltspot.com

As fuge fans of Tesla we have to wonder if this type of technology had been invented previously?  Perhaps. 1896?

TESLA PATENT 568,178 METHOD OF REGULATING APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING CURRENTS OF HIGH FREQUENCY.  http://www.teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla-patents-568,178-regulating-high-frequency-currents

You know how the Obama administration is trying to do away with the standard incandescent lightbulb?  Well, could the reason behind it be that Tesla found a way for Wi-Fi to work off a regular old lightbulb? Who could make a profit off of that?   What cable or telecommunications company could regultate that?  Apple? GE?

 U.S. Patent 454622 (G.patent; PDF)System of Electric Lighting – 1891 June 23 – Apparatus devised for the purpose of converting and supplying electrical energy in a form suited for the production of certain novel electrical phenomena, which require currents of higher frequency and potential. It specifies an energy storage capacitor and discharger mechanism on the primary side of a radio-frequency transformer.    https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/haarp-wifi-lightbubls-teslatechnology-wifi-through-led-lamps/
On August 4, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals two specific concepts of an “Inductive Charging System” for use with iOS devices. The first patent had to do with using ear buds.
The second system, which seems to be a little more practical, involves an acoustic charging mechanism which wouldn’t require a charging tower. Instead of creating separate inductive chargers for various media players and tablets as others have done, Apple is trying to create a single inductive charger that would fit the needs of multiple devices.  http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2011/08/apples-inductive-charging-patent-finally-surfaces.html
Any type of inductive charging system would likely mean having to buy more, new apple products to alleviate compatibility issues.
A recently-published Apple patent has revealed that the Cupertino-based company is contemplating new technology surrounding an advanced TV remote, that could work alongside its rumored “iTV”PatentlyApplereported on Thursday.  http://www.bgr.com/2012/03/22/apple-patent-reveals-advanced-universal-remote-possibly-for-upcoming-itv/
In another published patent application from Cupertino indicates the company is considering crafting portable computing devices out of glass. The app claims a “substantially seamless enclosure . . . extruded in its entirety with glass material” so that wireless signals can freely flow to and fro, along with a method for manufacturing such a device.  http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/22/apple-patent-application-for-gadgets-made-of-glass/ 
Of course there are always rumors, including that Apple will introduce iphone 5, with a larger screen. http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2012/03/23/why-iphone-5-with-4-6-inch-display-is-implausible/ We purchased 4 new iphones for the staff at Christmas to the tune of $2500. There is no way in God’s green earth we are buying new ones.  Besides a bigger phone wouldn’t fit in a back pocket. Now that new ipad- that a whole another article.
Whomever invents this amazing technology, Apple products are sure to take a bite out of the future.
 Stay tuned and have a good day; one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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