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Spring break in Florida!

Just when u think you r in the middle of nowhere in Florida along comes the worlds largest producer of sugar, US Sugar.

Then there is the zillion cows to eat for dinner. Drive a stretch to Duda farms, one of the largest vegetable growers. Oh, look Alico! Can u spell Orange Juice.

We c browned skinned people shaking the trees to get to the fruit of the Gods-the oranges. Mexican, American it’s hot, hard work.

At the beaches in Florida there r a lot of white folks wishing they was brown. Only hard work they’re doing on vacation is rolling over for an even burn.

No one is really thinking about the potato farmer to make that, oh so fine vodka martini. How u want your steak cooked? Care for a side salad? Costs x-tra. Have to pay the farm workers.

Tough spot to be in in order to eat. Growing, planting, clean stalls, weather, labor, benefits, transportation, storage, kitchen staff, wait staff- holy moly. No wonder more folks don’t get salmonella!

The “system” doesn’t work for everyone but don’t think there is any other country that does it better. Cheers to the state of Florida where from sitting in our car at least, feeding the world looks easy.

We know oh too we’ll, as farmers in middle America, it’s not.


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