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As we blather on questioning everything and ulterior motives behind events, we are reminded that there are humans who have, are, and will die.  Earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, war, religion, politics, health problems, flu, UFO, GMO, NWO, whatever, and then some.

We took a look at the conspiracy behind the Haiti quake here  https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/haiti-earthquake-conspiracy-haarp-eiscat/.  Then along comes an interview with Sean Penn that gives pause.  Perhaps one human helping other humans can make a difference. What are you doing about anything?

Watch the interview http://www.wspd.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=104668&article=10144939

We can’t help but grab our conspiracy hat….

But after Sean Penn have been appointed as US ambassador in Haiti, now I’m pretty sure he’s in the big leagues with the Illuminati and might actually be a CIA spook.

For the record: Penn arrived at the Caribbean island AFTER TPTB failed in elect the Illuminati clown Wyclef Jean, president of the Haiti, because he ran away with his rally money, funded by Brangelina’s CIA front disguised as foundation “Make it Right”. But don’t fool yourself thinking that Penn is there for humanitarian work. The Haiti is settled over a HUGE area of precious mineral resources, such as bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, iridium, gold, marble and obviously oil.   http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1785663/pg1

Stay tuned and have a good day, one day it will be your last.  God Bless.

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Haiti Refugee Camp, is that barbed wire in the background?

Having written about the Haiti Earthquake Conspiracy here https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/haiti-earthquake-conspiracy-haarp-eiscat/ and here https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/earthquakes-haarp/ the reality is that Haiti is devastated, whatever the cause. 

Blah, blah blah, “the efforts are on going, we’re making progress, distribution sites increasing.”  Oh, bullshit.  Turn on the TV, there aren’t many tents- unless you count the ones made from bed linens found in the debris.  In the above photo, is that barbed wire set up to keep them in?   

Sending tents for temporary purposes is surely better than sending the formaldehyde trailers some government brain fart thought would be a good idea. They were removed from New Orleans after so many people were getting sick living in them post Katrina.   

From ABC News…  

HAITI-Unfortunately, nearly two weeks after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the need still dwarves the aid available. Take shelter for instance. We’ve noted upwards of 1.5 million homeless…what’s being done to house these people? David Wright, reporting from Haiti for WORLD NEWS, tried to get a look today at one such location: “The UN’s first refugee camp at Croix de Bouquet is meant to house 30 thousand….They wouldn’t let us film there. Because they’re just building it. You can see from the road—no tents yet.” What about those folks in need of food and water? Wright: “The UN estimates that 500 thousand people have received food rations. But 2 million need it.” Wright noted how difficult a process it seems to be-“Today at the main port, the Columbian Red Cross unloaded boxes of food and water one at a time. The port is too damaged to handle big ships. They figure unloading 4 tons from just this one ship will take 35 days.”  

ABC denied access?  Why? How can anyone be denied access to acres of open land,  unless there is someone standing in your way with an AK-47 perhaps.   

35 fricking days to unload a ship?  WTF, you’ve got thousands of Haitians with nothing to do but starve to death, 20,000 U.S. Troops, 10,000 U.N Troops to keep control.  Put them to work to save themselves.  If it takes 35 days to unload a ship how long is it going to take to build refugee camps?  

There are more than 300 impromptu camps like the one at Place Saint Pierre in Port-Au-Prince. About 500,000 people live in the camps, which range from 50 people to 20,000 people, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says. Aid organizations are trying to put their stamp onorganization. The IOM expects to begin to build temporary camps with services for 10,000 people each in the Haitian capital and outlying areas, the spokeswoman for the organization, Niurka Pineiro, told dpa.   “We are looking for solutions day by day,” she said.  She anticipated the first two camps to be built in Croix des Bouquets, about 13 kilometres to the north-west of Port-au-Prince, and in the Route of Tabarre, near the embassy of the United States.   The IOM is charting a programme to later replace the tented camps with homes that will be built by the hands of the earthquake refugees, for which they will be paid in cash by IOM and other organizations.  http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/305983,extra-haiti-police-fire-over-heads-in-food-turmoil.html#ixzz0eUhytw9M
Day by day, solutions?  Day by day, people are starving and dying of thirst.  The “IOM has been criticized by anti-racist groups, migrant organizations and NGOs for propagating and actively organizing practices such as deportations, militarized border controls or detention centers…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Organization_for_Migration.  Sounding a bit like a new world, one world order FEMA?

The European Union, http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/rwb.nsf/db900SID/JBRN-82BK4U?OpenDocument&RSS20=03   in keeping track of it’s contributions and relief efforts have sent, “2,224 tents for app. 17,500 persons: AT (400 x 6), SE (200 x 5), IT (155 x 8+1000×10), SI (25 x 10), SK (15 x 10), ES (197 x 6), PT (65 for 615 pax), BG (67 x 2), PL (200 x 6)

Where the frig are the tents?  Where is the dignity in guesstimating that 17,500 people can live in 2,224 tents?  That’s some tight living quarters!  

More sickening, it is not getting better.  http://haiti.ushahidi.com/reports?c=44&page=1  Lists text entries of people desperate for food, water and tents.  Excerpt-  

Urgent Food Needed in Duval 22 NOU PA GEN ANYEN NAN DUVAL 22 POU NOU MANJE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE HAVE NOTHING TO EAT IN DUVAL 22 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category: –4d. Distribution…2010-02-02  Also possibly in Croix des Bouquets, at 18.5831, -72.2468  

-Jacmel has been hit with a sickness called HUNGER. There are no marketplace, stores are all closed, there is no food, no water. All the hospitals are closed. Time: 2010-01-29 18:48:20  


Food and water needed in Carrefour Message painted on a roof, as seen on aerial hypercube 2010-02-02 large building with a message painted on the roof on Rue Metropole,

We understand that it isn’t easy to organize or get the aid with, ” roads clogged with collapsed buildings, abandoned vehicles, food stands and loitering people, some of whom have taken to erecting tents on the thoroughfares.” said a Getty report. Again we say, put those loitering people to work.  Work for food or work for money.
Ironically, the Swiss had decided to deny the release of millions of dollars to Haitian officials just hours before the quake hit.  http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/872/502110/text/

The Swiss federal court has halted the planned return of the assets of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier in the impoverished Caribbean state for the time being…  

The Duvalier clan is accused, according to the court, the formation of a criminal organization. This criminal statute of limitations in Switzerland after 15 years. Since Duvalier was overthrown in 1986, which came after the statute of limitations assessment of judges in 2001…  

Duvalier, better known as “Baby Doc”, is more than one hundred million U.S. dollars have misappropriated state funds.  After his fall 1986, his accounts were frozen, with a value of around 7.6 million Swiss francs (5.1 million euros) in Switzerland. In the court’s decision was about 4.6 million U.S. dollars (3.3 million euros), were the mother of Simone Duvalier deposited in Switzerland.  

Surely, Haiti will appeal the delay as the corruption in government seems to picking up right where it left off.  

“There’s no top-down leadership. … And since the Haitian government took control of our supplies, we have to wait for things even though they’re stacked up in the warehouse,” said Dr. Rob Maddox of Start, Louisiana, tending to dozens of patients in the capital’s general hospital. “The situation is just madness.”…Haitians complain that corrupt officials have started to manipulate some of the aid that does reach the streets….Hundreds of angry people protested in the streets of Petionville on Wednesday, jogging down a broad avenue waving branches and singing, “They stole the rice, they stole the rice.”Danka Tanzil, 17, said a local official was demanding a bribe before he would give people the coupons that entitle them to bags of rice from the U.N. World Food Program. “For us to get the coupon, we must give 50 Haitian dollars (US$7) so we can get the rice,” she complained. 

Perhaps the Swiss should return the money to the U.S. government from whom it was stolen from in the first place, rather than back to Haiti to squander.    

To help look here, http://twitter.com/HaitiVolunteers, http://www.haitivolunteer.org/ 

More images of the devistation at http://cryptome.org/info/haiti-camps2/haiti-camps2.htm and http://cryptome.org/info/haiti-camps/haiti-camps-02.htm

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti. 

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The Swine Flu Pandemic has been cancelled.  There we said it, even when the World Health Organization, America’s Centers for Disease Control and Protection, and other worldly governments and states have not.  

Millions of sheeples bought into the propaganda of what could have been a devastating, never before seen virus identified as H1N1.  Whatever the origins of H1N1, man made or a natural genetic mutation, thankfully it did not materialize into the expectations of being a larger, true pandemic with millions dead.  

The WHO went to far as to change it’s own  definition of pandemic in order to declare a pandemic. An article from Michael Fumento at http://www.fumento.com/weblog/archives/2010/01/who_swine_flu_c.html  

pointed out upon the WHO’s pandemic declaration in June, the previous definition required “enormous numbers of deaths.” But the agency desperately wanted a pandemic and swine flu, vastly milder than ordinary flu, clearly didn’t fit. So they simply penned a new definition to match swine flu, making deaths irrelevant and explicitly declaring “mild” strains would qualify.  

Lock, stock and barrel the WHO mislead millions. 11,160 was the median estimate number of deaths related to Swine Flu from April – December 2009  http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/estimates_2009_h1n1.htm .  Nothing will bring these people back, but we take comfort that the number was less than what is expected from the seasonal flu with, “CDC estimates that about 36,000 people died of flu-related causes each year, on average, during the 1990s in the United States with 90 percent of these deaths occurring in people 65 years and older. This includes people dying from secondary complications of the flu.”  

Less people died from H1N1 than the seasonal flu, even though millions of us caught it with some suffering significant side effects like the Swine Flu Rash https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/swine-flu-rash-hives-symptoms/.  CDC estimates that between 39 million and 80 million cases of 2009 H1N1 occurred between April and December 12, 2009. The mid-level in this range is about 55 million people infected with 2009 H1N1.  The current population clock http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html  reads 308,584,418 divided by the 55 million and we see almost 20% of the U.S. population was infected, but lived to tell about it.  

“Worldwide, the number of deaths is small… we do not expect to see a sudden and dramatic jump in the number of severe or fatal infections,” said WHO’s Director-General, Harvard-trained Dr Margaret Chan

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is the only organization that we know of, investigating the antics of WHO in declaring the pandemic. “A scientist with the World Health Organisation has testified, during ongoing hearings in Strasbourg, France, that the swine flu pandemic was part of an overblown “angst campaign”, devised in conjunction with major drug companies to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers.  http://www.infowars.com/who-scientist-swine-flu-pandemic-was-completely-exaggerated/  

Following the organisation’s declaration of a pandemic, the Department of Health warned of 65,000 deaths, set up a special advice line and website, and suspended normal rules so anti-flu drugs could be given without prescription.  

But with just 250 or so deaths in Britain and 14,000 worldwide, the WHO is being asked to account for its actions.  

The Government is now trying to off-load millions of jabs it ordered at the height of the scare. Sources say it is even considering giving some doses away for free.  

Wolfgang Wodarg, former head of health at the Council of Europe, the Strasbourg-based ‘senate’ responsible for the European Court of Human Rights, said vaccine contracts were put in place in 2007, when it was feared the more lethal bird flu virus would mutate into human form.  

Drug companies, which spent up to £2.5billion developing a vaccine, then pushed their interests within the WHO, leading to the definition of a pandemic being softened and an outbreak declared. via http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246370/Drug-firms-drove-swine-flu-pandemic-warning-recoup-billions-spent-research.html#ixzz0dvVxI0Kd  

Nations are quick to investigate assistance to the earthquake ravaged nation of Haiti, but not the Swine Flu.  Why?   

This week ,”A French minister has called for a United Nations investigation into the dominant US role in Haiti, saying that  international aid efforts were about helping the quake-stricken country, not “occupying” it.  His comments came even as US soldiers landed on the lawn of Haiti’s shattered presidential palace on Tuesday to the cheers of quake victims.  http://www.fuckfrance.com/topic/3602806/1/France/French-Minister-calls-for-UN-investigation-of-overwhelming-use-force-by-the-US-in-Haiti.html&replies=17   

Given the criticism, The Independent on Sunday asked leading agencies what they aid was being distributed. Here are the responses http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/aid-for-haiti-investigation-the-truth-1877356.html  

The United States is investigating with it’s own Senate panel to look into relief, recovery efforts in Haiti.  http://www.kxnet.com/getARticle.asp?ArticleId=511353   Again, no investigation into FluGate!

NO ONE in the U.S. Senate or any U.S. governmental agency is investigating the Swine Flu Hoax and the fact that billions were spent,and billions more promised to pharmaceutical companies for additional bio research.   Where is the outcry from the truther, birthers, and every tax paying American?   

As of late, Bill Gates is back in the news even though his involvement has been in many highly questionable activities unrelated to his so called “philanthropy” including his contributions to Planned Parenthood and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.   Why?  To control access to food?  Humanitarian goals or population controls? via  https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/new-world-order-population-control-swine-flu-planned-parenthood-gmo-food/  

Bill and Melinda Gates announced plans Friday to invest $10 billion in the fight against a number of illnesses including AIDS and said the record donation could save nearly nine million lives. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, they said the 10-year program will focus on vaccines for AIDS, tuberculosis, rota virus and pneumonia.  “We must make this the decade of vaccines,” said Bill Gates. http://www.cnn.com/2010/BUSINESS/01/29/davos.bill.gates.donates/index.html?hpt=T1   

 The decade of vaccines?  Considering these are some of the poorest of poor would Gates’ money be better served to just hand out hundred dollar bills?

This should be the decade of sheeples coming to their senses that if this were a real pandemic, the U.S. is grossly unprepared.  President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report assessing H1N1 preparations citing:     

Pg 45 outlines “an improbable prediction that Federal, state, and local authorities may take unilateral action such as border closure, seizure of essential commodities, or curtailment of individual freedoms, out of fear or as a result of public pressure….  We also recommend that the National Security Council, led by the Homeland Security Advisor, undertake a systematic review of potential legal, social, and financial barriers to action, to determine which might reasonably be ameliorated [sic- love those big words!] during the time of the anticipated epidemic and to set plans in motion to reduce or remove such barriers in accord with the observed severity of the epidemic.” p 47. via https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/08/31/swine-flu-obama-control/  

President Obama by declaring a Pandemic for the U.S. opened a can of worms with unprecedented legal power.  Numerous states created, “Pandemic Response Bills,  giving the federal and state governments more power to eliminate your personal freedoms. https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/swine-flu-killing-constitution/  

Why has the state of emergency not been cancelled?  You tell me. 

Yes, H1N1 could change into a more deadly form, perhaps mixing with the H5N1 bird flu virus circulating widely in poultry. The world ‘could’ be hit by a meteorite and be pulverized into oblivion as well, writes http://www.infowars.com/obama-gets-billions-for-pandemic-swine-flu/  Maybe someday we’ll hit the power ball lottery for millions, but you can bet on the last dollar that we will not be donating to the decade of vaccines.

Here we are, nearly one year later from the first reported cases of Swine Flu from Mexico.  Millions of doses of expired Tamiflu, vaccination recalls, accelerated vaccine approvals and a lack of agency coordination; all the while spending more money on national propaganda from Sesame Street should give pause to why we need an investigation of the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic in the U.S.  Who is accountable?

Department of Health and Human Services, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, http://www.hhs.gov 

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano

Department of Justice Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

“The greatest danger to American liberty is not Bird Flu or even our ludicrous lack of preparedness for natural and terrorist disasters. The greatest dangers to personal liberty lurk in the insidious encroachments by leaders who are well-meaning but without sufficient passion for the Constitution, and without sufficient honor to defend to the death each American citizen’s precious, vulnerable freedoms. “quote is copyrighted by © 2005 Madeleine Cosman http://www.newswithviews.com/Cosman/madeleine15.htm  

Your thoughts?    Comment, you know you want to!     

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Haiti Earthquake survivors continue to get an extra bonus from the United Nations troops on the ground -tear gas. While awaiting food hand outs things got out of control and to disperse the crowd, tear gas was sprayed. 

The Brazilian U.N. peacekeepers used pepper spray to control a frenzied crowd of thousands of Haitians seeking food at a makeshift camp on the grounds of the palace.  “They’re not violent, just desperate. They just want to eat,” Brazilian Army Colonel Fernando Soares said. “The problem is, there is not enough food for everyone.”  http://www.fox44.com/news/troops-fire-tear-gas-haiti-food-handout-turns-chaotic  

Not enough food and water for everyone?  Damn to hell anyways, food and water sit at the airport still with no means of distribution.  We recall the U.S. saying it was sending enough MRE’s and water to last 6 months—where are they?

 Haiti needs at least five to 10 years of reconstruction help after its people were “bloodied, martyred and ruined” by the devastating earthquake this month, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said on Monday. via http://alertnet.org/thenews/pictures/PAP03.htm  

Haiti in Ruin, photo by REUTERS/Jorge Silva

 Yes, “Five to ten years of reconstruction of Haiti,”  said Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, in one of the first commentaries from a Haitian official to the press. Martyred? 

 The U.S. Response?  See ya later alligator. 

 The U.S. military could begin scaling back its involvement in Haiti within three to six months as other international organizations assume larger roles providing security and disaster relief, senior Pentagon officials said on Tuesday. http://alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N26236380.htm

Vice Admiral Alan Thompson, director of the Defense Logistics Agency, said military leaders envisioned a “six-month window … of intense support” from the Pentagon in response to the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed up to 200,000 people and left hundreds of thousands injured and homeless.

 He described the U.S. military as committed to providing humanitarian and security support “until other organizations can take over the role.”

Bush Wouldn't Pull Out

If the pulling out in Iraq is any indicator, “At least 55 people were killed by a bomb in a crowded market in Baghdad’s sprawling slum neighbourhood of Sadr City on Wednesday, less than a week before US troops must pull out of Iraq’s cities.  Another 116 people were wounded in the attack in the predominantly Shiite district of northern Baghdad at around 7 pm (1600 GMT), an interior ministry official said at http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/baghdad-market-blast-kills-55-as-us-pullout-looms-20090625-cx1q.html

Americans bleed on Iraqi soil, raise millions for Haiti and then pull out?  Can you already envision the corruption and temptation by the Haitian government  to continue on the same political path of self destruction?

Maybe there isn’t any gold in them there hills, or underground after all.

Comment, you know you want to!

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Our Swine Flu Report that began in April is at https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/swine-flu-report    

Shaking, rattling and rolling into the conspiracy, truth and science of EARTHQUAKES, HAARP, EISCAT, Tesla, etc., with more articles at https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/earthquakes-haarp/ 

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