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Last week one of our Pygmy goats died. The goat’s twin sister actually cried as we removed her carcass. Sad. And sad we invested so much love, time, feed and vet costs.

Finding a replacement goat for 4H is not easy. Most goats are born by April 1 and promised to pending buyers.

So the search begins. Then we find this report out of a goat being arrested after a theft. What the…


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Dead animals. Ugh. Woke up to find one of our Pygmy goats dead and one of the many barn cats injured.

Kids are crushed having raised, taken care of & showed her at the county fair.

As parents and being on a farm, teaching the cycle of life and death to children is a challenge. The rabbit escaped, we ate the chickens we raised, and have unintentionally killed numerous pet fish over the years. Hamsters are now dead. Turtle set free in the lake. Dog is fine at almost 7 year old- thank God.

The kids get that most animals are put on this earth to serve and eat. They hunt (unsuccessfully so far) They’ve watched us gut and clean deer, turkey, ducks, etc. They help cook the kill and we believe you only kill to eat.

When it’s a pet that dies for 4H show, it is double sad and a double lesson on how surprising love, life and death sneaks up on you. Rip little goat.

Live life with love and kindness to all God’s creatures- especially each other.


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