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Silly birds. It was sunrise and we hear coo coo coo from what we think is a dove nest. Nope, next morning a robin sitting on the nest instead of the dove.




Maybe people should be more like birds and work together-‘just not so dang early! Sure r cute little birds- few hours old.

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Tap, tap, tap! Even grabbed a gun to see what the racket was – thinking maybe a rabid coon. Woodpecker tapping an aloe plant either for dropping seeds or juice. Fall.



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Here is a first on the farm, A dove nest with two eggs in it. It is right outside our bedroom window and we’ve been hearing them coo at night. Rather romantic. Rumor is they mate for life. Too bad more humans don’t.

Too be honest if they were quail eggs, well…they might just be hard boiled.

Oh, and we got blasted by a skunk at 4 am. Couldn’t see it but sure could smell it. Running from widow to window to keep the stench out. Pee u.

Wondering if the skunk didn’t get startled by the pigeons?


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