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Eruption May 10, 2010 at GMT 14:19:39

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull eruption has no end in sight.  This morning alone, there have been a whopping 50 earthquakes near the volcano, as the ash continues to cause havoc.  http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes/myrdalsjokull/#view=table

Some of these quakes getting closer to fault line toward Helka and Katla, which if she blows will certainly send folks running for the hills.  The Seismic Station, Godabunga located between Eyja and Katla and is dancing up a storm.

Godabunga (GOD) Tremor Reading May 10, 2010

We know of four Eyjafjallajokull eruptions in the past [dating back to AD 500] and in three out of these four cases, there has been a Katla eruption either at the same time or shortly after.

“By shortly, I mean timescales of months to a year. “We consider that the probability of Katla erupting in the near future has increased since Eyjafjallajokull went.” But we know there are fissures running between the two volcanoes. And they’re quite close to each other.

“They’re also being subjected to the same tectonic forces. So the chances are that if magma can find a pathway to rise beneath one of them, it can find its way to rise beneath the other.”   Researchers do know that the two volcanoes have separate magma chambers, but many suspect that these chambers are physically linked in some way, deep beneath the surface of the Earth. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8668604.stm

Anyone ready to make a prediction how many quakes we will see in total just for today? At this rate we may reach a hundred!  Last updated a few minutes ago-

May 10, 2010

A new webcam has been added with thermal imaging.  Watch the show at http://www.flir.com/thermography/eurasia/se/data/?id=30533 . Due to server bandwidth limitations, you may need to refresh the page (F5) to see the video stream, the images are worth it.

UPDATED at 12:54 p.m EST,   60 Earthquakes in Eyjafjallajokull region so far today.

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