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Every where you go, people want to know, who is Commentator Ted?  Well, okay really people want to know- how America got into this mess in the first place.  Will the real Ted stand up?

Making an appearance in the commentator section occasionally here at Ahrcanum, and throughout the political blogosphere, Ted has posted well thought out, topically appropriate sentences using nouns, verbs, and adjectives that make his words worth reading. 

From http://www.americasright.com/, to http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/,  and other popular political blogs, Ted shows up in the comment section and usually at the top of the list.  Unlike, Reverend Dr Kamal Kana Roy Karma karma who blathers on, Ted- also posting as Bob, adds clear and concise information without blabbering on into endless oblivion and rankings with weird links and horrible command of the English language.  I don’t always agree with the opinion, but I let it stand for others to interpret. 

So who is Ted?  An auto bot spammer?  Oh, say it isn’t so! 

I think it is none other than, Ted Nugent! 

America has been craving leadership and at last a gun-slinging, mega-rock star, deerslayer, and patriot has stepped forward to provide it.
Cocked, locked, and ready to rock, the Motor City Madman, the thinking man’s Abraham Lincoln, has unleashed the ultimate high-octane political manifesto for the ages in Ted, White, and Blue the most important patriotic statement since the Constitution as described in his new book, “Ted, White and Blue: “The Nugent Manifesto.”   http://www.tednugent.com/Store/Product.aspx?id=SB000004-001

Martin Luther had a dream so why not dream Ted Nugent is the Ted?

Maybe “Ted is True and Real and Actual Second Coming of Jesus and Christ and Jesus Christ and The Creator and God to Earth.  Ted is The Lion.  Ted is The Eagle.  Ted is The Lion of Judah.  Ted on First Coming was also Sacrificial Lamb and Now Seems to be too much Sacrificial Lion and Eagle and even Lamb again how looking for now.” http://tedjesuschristgod.org/  goes on and on,  Ted is “TELLING YOU I AM Ted and I AM Jesus and I AM Christ and I AM God!  The Creator!  The Creator of ALL Humans!  The Creator of ALL of Earth!  Actually THE ONE LIVING God!  Per Isaiah 9:6 I AM THE ONE LIVING God!  I AM THE FATHER of ALL Created Life!  I AM THE ONE AND ONLY AND COMPLETE God!   I AM god and God and GOD!  I AM THE ONE AND ONLY AND COMPLETE THE CREATOR.” 

Without a doubt this Ted believes he is The One, but we all know Obama supporters have already claimed Obama as, “The One.”  I’ve just gotten used to referrering to him as, “That One.” – props to John McCain.

Ted Danson, Ted Smith, Ted Turner, Ted Kennedy, or Ted Stevens? Maybe  Ted isn’t a person, maybe it is a thing? http://www.ted.com/index.php/pages/view/id/5, T E D -acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. 

Pray, Ted isn’t The Rev. Ted Haggard who is facing a second round of disgrace with a  second gay sex partner coming forward with allegations against him. 

The HBO documentary, “The Trials of Ted Haggard,” http://www.hbo.com/apps/schedule/ScheduleServlet?ACTION_DETAIL=DETAIL&FOCUS_ID=639213  began airing this week.  The New Life Church tried to warn Ted this might happen.

Martin Luther had a dream,  I’ll stick with the dream that Ted Nugent is the Ted.

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