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Obama is Irish, for real!  O’Bama is in Ireland today,  May 23, 2011 having a pint of Guiness. Nothing else going on in the world that would command his atttention?

The fine folks at Flopping Aces have a masterful article that begins, “After nearly half a century of riding his Blackness, Obama has the overwhelming desire to reconnect with his Irish forefathers!”  Read on at http://floppingaces.net/

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Corrigan Brothers official musical video celebrating Obama’s Irish Heritage.

Obama has been Kenyan, American, Indonesian, Muslim, Christian, etc., so why not Irish?

Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes’ lawsuit filed in The Republic of California seeking Obama’s eligibility as a natural born citizen, has been dismissed and so was a lawsuit brought by two Indiana men seeking to invalidate Indiana’s election results based on President Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

The entire question of citizenship needs to go away by Obama himself, providing the documentation.  What a disgrace for America to have lawsuits being brought all the way to the Supreme Court against our sitting President.   A complete list of lawsuits can be found at http://www.therightsideoflife.com/?page_id=1518 

The Judge in the case Hollister v Soetero delivered a scathing ruling in which he gave the lead counsel John D. Hemenway, 11 days to respond as to why he should not be sanctioned.  Native Born Citizen provides this gem, “Example: It suggests that the intellectual capacity of this Court focused on the issues in the instant suit at a very low level, perhaps for political purposes, such as to win attention from the highest authority when a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States becomes vacant.”  http://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com/

Intellectual capacity?  Attention from the highest court?  Is there not one court or judge in all the land that has enough intellectual capacity to provide the legal means of requiring Obama to provide in a court of law, his authentic birth certificate?  Is there not one attorney who can find a way to prove they have standing in the courts?  What a disgrace by all accounts, but mostly by our President Obama.  Obama has never been legally required to provide a birth certificate to the courts, but he should have the highest moral obligation to provide it to the American people. 

On St. Patrick’s day I suppose everyone is a wee bit Irish.  Hat’s off to ya President Obama, but we hope the luck of the Irish brings him in front of the the court to provide his birth certificate, and soon. 

May God Bless America and especially today, The Irish!


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