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The Dancing Pig, The Dancing Swine, Le cochon danseur or el cerdo bailarín movie, was released in 1907 as  a burlesque movie.  It was long before anyone ever heard of any kind of Swine Flu, or the A/H1N1 Swine Influenza as it more politically correct to call it these days.

The plot of the movie is a pig dressed in fancy clothes flirting with a pretty girl, but she humiliates him and tears off his suit; then she  makes him do a little dance for her affections.

How Le cochon danseur could be erotic by today’s standards or even those of nearly a hundred years ago is beyond me.  Times haven’t changed that much though as some men still belittle themselves and act like pigs at times.  Chris Brown comes to mind and so does Larry King for bothering to air his pleas for an apology. 

Many popular movies center around domestic violence and are box office smashes.  Burning Bed.  Fried Green Tomatoes. Shattered Dreams. The Color Purple. Sleeping with the Enemy.  The appeal of domestic violence does not appeal to me.  I only have fear at the admonishment I would receive from my spouse if I ever raised a hand.  My mama raised me better.

Got me to thinking maybe our politicians are the pigs flirting with your vote and America’s future.  Or stretching a bit- maybe the pigs are the pharmaceutical companies releasing the A/H1N1 Monovalent Influenza vaccine laden with toxic ingredients and little clinical testing.

What happens at the end of the movie behind closed doors is any one’s guess.  What happens behind the closed doors of Washington and big pharmaceutical businesses is also any one’s guess. 

With out giving away the end of the movie, the pig comes out smiling in the end.  At the end of President Obama’s term I wonder if you will smile because of what he has accomplished or because America can begin again.

What is apparent in the H1N1 Swinf pandemic flu emergency, is that occasionally it is okay to just accept something for what it is.  Two minutes of distraction and entertainment.


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Yawn.  What a bunch of posturing bullcrap from the both of them.  This one and “that one” as McCain called Obama, are nincompoops in figuring out how to win, er,-make that earn votes.  Not that they are both not reasonably well educated men and serve as elected officials but neither one can give a straight answers.  A yes or no would suffice just one in awhile.  I am not McCains “friend” as he  mentioned in just about every response.  I don’t need another friend, I need a candidate that doesn’t sell his point as if he is at a campaign rally speech.  Obama, poised as always wins on fluency in his delivery but gets an F for spewing just as much rhetoric as McCain.  Budget freezes, taxes, jobs, the economy, blah, blah.  The name dropping didn’t help either one of them either.  A boring format with the same boring old answers.  And, what the hell is CNN doing with that stupid chart at the bottom of the screen and why is there a 5 second delay in the speech from NBC to CNN?  Lots of whys-  Like why did these two make it this far.  Is this the best America had to offer?

The Fed dropped rates again today.  Hold on to your shirts tails…..

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