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Now you can create your own DNA Portrait™ .  It was only a question of time until someone would find this unique way of capitalizing on your DNA.  It’s novelty, scientific ingenuity and arresting beauty are interesting to say the least.

“Now it’s time for you to enter the world of unique, personal art. We’ll send you a collection kit with everything you need to capture a sample of your DNA. (Trust us, it’s painless and effortless: nothing more than swabbing the inside of your cheek.) The tough part is choosing the style, color, size and frame from an almost limitless range of possibilities. Take all the time you need. Your personal DNA picture print will be as unique as you are.” http://www.dna11.com/how_process.asp?

Starting at $190, we’ve wasted than that on shirts and sweaters that we’ve only worn once, yet still hang in the closet.  At least this, we can hang on the wall.

With Halloween fresh on our mind, would it be creepy to have a DNA portrait made of a dying family member?

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