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Meteor Strike In Russia blog! Excellent information. METEOR UPDATES LIVE

From the Russian Academy of Sciences (article in RU):

“The object was “a few meters” across, but weighed around 10 tons and had a total energy of “a few kilotons.” It entered the atmosphere at a speed of 15-20 km/second and broke up an altitude of 30-50 kilometers.”

Kilotons! Holy crap batman!

Via @sgtgary in twitter, the Russian Meteor appears to visible on Met-7 satellite imagery.


Grab your tinfoil – meteor conspiracy!

“Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the head of the Russian Liberal-Democratic Party, said that no meteor fell in the Urals on Friday the US “tested a new weapon” over the region, he claimed.”

USA weapons test?

Best photo of the meteor comes from


Stay safe friends.

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