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“24, 24, 24,  hours to go, I want to be sedated,”  The Ramones. 

There are supposed warnings from world leaders in anticipation of some kind of a major event occurring in some where in the world.  I didn’t by into Y2K and don’t buy into this either. Some predict an event within 72 hours but that was two days ago so I figure we’ve got a good 24 hours left until this blows over and a nuke doesn’t blow up somewhere. 

“Australian PM Kevin Rudd – “Nuke strike would make 9/11 insignificant” and other weird warnings” “Over the last 72 hours there has been a strange melange of cryptic messages leaked from world political leaders about what could be in store for America over the next few months. These predictions of impending doom come from England, France, Australia and the United States. http://www.thejerusalemgiftshop.com/israelnews/politics/80-political/335-warnings-from-world-leaders-all-within-72-hours-.html 

I get a kick out of the fact that such news worthiness comes from a gift shop site and yet it makes the blogosphere with some authenticity.  

If nothing else, thank you for the opportunity to play a cool song for you.  One might consider being sedated when looking at the recent stock markets decline and financial bailout.


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