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In the hunt for extraterrestial  life scientists are looking in to space, monitoring images and soundwaves and looking for clues on Earth.

World renowned physicist Steven Hawking points out in his documentary that, his mathematical brain cannot discount the possibility of alien intelligence when there are endless possibilities inside the hundreds of billions of galaxies we know are out there.  

Told you so.

The Discovery Channel special entitled ‘Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: Aliens’ is featured at http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/stephen-hawking/ He says that humans should try to avoid any contact with the aliens because it can be devastating in humanity saying: “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”

I doubt Hawking is part of the propaganda machine to prepare earthlings.  We already have so much indoctrination from Area 51 to Carl Sagan’s novel and movie Contact.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contact_%28novel%29)  I don’t think anyone will be surprised when governments officially admit that there are other non Earth life forms and share hard evidence.  Aliens and UFO’s have become rather mainstream.

I don’t have to see God to know he exists, nor do I need a UFO or an alien to show up in my backyard to prove they exist.  In November 2009, The Pontifical Academy of Sciences held a conference on astrobiology, the study of life beyond Earth. Father Jose Funes, a Jesuit astronomer at the Vatican Observatory said: “As a multiplicity of creatures exists on Earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created by God. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/6536400/The-Vatican-joins-the-search-for-alien-life.html  I must still be getting into heaven for believing in aliens.

SETI, The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence hasn’t proven much even after 50 years of searching and wants your help.  SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the search. You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/

Emission from radio galaxies with jets of material that are ejected at relativistic speeds from the central supermassive black hole, ending with hot-spots as the material clumps together.

The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a new pan-European radio astronomy facility, has started mapping the Universe at very low energy wavelengths, a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is relatively unexplored.  SETI will use LOFAR to search for low frequency radio signals from civilisations on planets orbiting nearby stars. http://www.astron.nl/about-astron/press-public/news/lofar-opens-low-frequency-universe-and-starts-new-seti-search/lofar-o

There are over 2000 more optical, IR, laser, nutrino,  and solar observatories on Earth alone.  You can enter latitude and longitude coordinates or search by kind at The U.S. Naval Observatory and H.M. Nautical Almanac Office at http://www.eso.org/~ndelmott/obs_sites.html 

You can track real time satellite locations from here http://www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi?ID=20082 (requires JAVA) and an over view of more from the DXZONE home page  http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Software/Satellite_tracking/

Real Time tracking by satellite name an location that allows the reader to pick and choose a list to follow is at http://www.n2yo.com/.  Highly recommended.

Or if your just interested in the weather sat images http://www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi?ID=2703

There is David and Cecilia Taylor’s Satellite Page for some basics too at http://www.satsignal.eu/ 

Environmental Satellite Images

A Comprehensive Resource List to View the latest near real time satellite images http://www.nwas.org/committees/rs/nwasat.html

NWAS is an awesome opportunity to see earth and space, and of course, look for alien spacecraft!

If you are really anal and don’t care about what’s up there, you can just keep track of your car or fleet of vehicles down here at http://www.geomoto.com/landing.html?gclid=CNOdp5WKp6ECFWV75QodeVkXEQ

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