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The EPA has come up with, this interactive map showing information on enforcement actions in the U.S. at www.epa.gov and cases from 2009. They include civil enforcement actions taken at facilities, criminal cases prosecuted under federal statutes and the U.S. Criminal Code, and cases in which EPA provided significant support to cases prosecuted under state criminal laws.

Add locations for air, water, land and criminal enforcement actions to the map. Then zoom in a few times to pin point an exact location. Click on the indicator to obtain additional information on the environmental enforcement case. See “Questions About the Maps” for additional information and needs accommodations due to a disability.

Our tax dollars at work.  Now what did they spend the money recovered from the litigation on?

“EPA settles the vast majority of its enforcement actions and almost all of these cases are settled without an admission of liability. The agreement to pay a penalty as part of a settlement does not necessarily reflect an admission of liability for environmental violations by the company”.

So basically the EPA issues a fine and you admit no guilt!  That’s one way to be innocent until proven guilty, just pay the fine and make it go away.

From the most severe of violations to small one’s like “Deandre Brisco was sentenced to 24 months probation after being convicted at trial for knowingly and negligently discharging waste motor oil into a storm drain in a parking lot in Mexico, Missouri.”

Wonder how much that case cost the taxpayer?

PS- posting on our new iMac.  Taking awhile to get used to the differences and key strokes.

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