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Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez seized a food and rice processing unit owned by Cargill, one of the US’s largest privately-held companies and is taking aim at Polar- Venezuela’s largest private company.

Venezuelan citizens  have faced shortages of white rice sold at a low government-set price in recent weeks, while stores have ample supplies of parboiled rice which is not subject to price controls.  Venezuela’s rice millers association blames the shortages on insufficient supplies of the grain, while the Chavez government says the mills are deliberately producing small quantities of white rice in order to skirt price controls. http://www.newsdaily.com/stories/tre52405l-us-venezuela-chavez-cargill/  

Polar has two distinct divisions.  On the one hand it has a biotechnology and development division and on the other hand, makes the popular brand, Polar Beer, and it tastes pretty damned good in my humble opinion.  Polar is a rice based beer and Venezuela is the third-largest buyer of U.S. rice. No wonder Chavez is going after Cargill- it’s all about the beer! 

“In the field of agricultural biotechnology, Polar is working on transgenic rice and maize.  Rice is transformed to increase resistance to the white leaf virus. Polar’s interest in the rice and maize projects is to improve productivity, since the company is the largest national buyer of maize, and a major one in rice and malted barley. ” http://www.biotech-monitor.nl/3205.htm .

Blogging from Venezuela,  http://daniel-venezuela.blogspot.com/2009/03/cargill-and-polar-to-be-looted-by.html says that “The Polar thing came just as Polar announced it would go to court.  So Chavez, who owns the courts, and as the thug he is, replied by threatening to take it all.” 

Polar also has a 38 per cent share in the largest Venezuelan bank. Chavez will now own and nationalize the oil, electric, steel, cement, telecommunications, food, beer and the money in the bank for his citizens to not only starve to death but now die of thirst.  Chavez must have drank too many Polar beers in recent weeks to take over an American manufacturing plant.   According to UPI, he also ordered the military to take over the other rice mills as well.   

Chavez’s nationalizations appear to be publicly supported but periodic shortages of basic goods have hurt his popularity in recent years.  To ensure his continued power as president, Chavez changed the rules so that he can run again in the next election.  Hey, wait a minute, who was that Congressman who is trying to pass a law to eliminate term limits for the Office of Presidency here in the U.S.?   U.S. Representative José E. Serrano represents the 16th Congressional District of New York – the Bronx, that’s who. https://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/obama-to-serve-as-president-forever-constitution-changes/  H.J. Res 5 would repeal the 22nd amendment- follow the bill which is in committee here  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=hj111-5.

Already with a struggling economy, the one thing citizens of Venezuela must  have really enjoyed, was sitting down with a cold Polar beer on a hot sunny day.  Really now, what is Chavez going to serve the Cubans and Russians when they come again for diplomatic talks?  I wonder what Obama has in store as a repercussion, if anything.  Imagine if another country like say, oh – I don’t know, Japan just showed up on US Soil and took over it’s car manufacturing here.   “Obama, you take care of your business and I’ll take care of mine. Don’t mess with me, Mr. Obama,” Chavez said recently. http://www.energypublisher.com/article.asp?id=18326  He didn’t even bother to call him President Obama.  So much for props.

On a clear day sitting on Aruba’s beaches you can almost make out the smog coming from Venezuela.  Pretty soon you are going to see people making a bee line on boats for the beaches if- for nothing else, a cold Balashi beer instead of a Polar.  Brewed in Aruba,  Balashi’s malt is imported from Scotland while the hops hail from Germany. http://www.balashi.com/balashi/BBeer.htm 

Somehow I don’t see Obama and Chavez sitting down over any beer, anytime soon.  Maybe Obama will see fit to offer Cargill some bailout money instead. Maybe Obama is following in Chavez’s footsteps nationalizing the banks, the automotive industry, and who knows what else is next. 

Best bet, let’s stop importing Venezuela’s oil and exporting our rice to them.  We’ve heard lots about Oil for Food in Iraq, http://www.heritage.org/research/internationalorganizations/bg1748.cfm, let’s hope this isn’t the start of Oil for Rice and that Obama never nationalizes our beer.  Ooops, the famous American Budweiser beer is no longer an American company anyways.  It is owned by InBev of Belgium.

 Cheers and God Bless America.

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Maybe Denny’s is trying to place nice now that we have a black president.  Back in the 90’s there was a lot of bad publicity and claims of racist business practices.  All that is behind them apparently as Denny’s is offering a free breakfast tomorrow to make nice nice.

The Denny’s Grand Slam free breakfast offer, aired during the Super Bowl and includes pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausage.  It is only available for free on February 3, and only between 6am and 2pm and only at certain Denny’s. 

The commercial can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5ckPe4Bpaw.  Over all, I’d say thumbs down of the commercial and I not quite sure what the reasoning is behind offering a Grand Slam, the term which is usually used in reference to baseball or tennis, not football.  Yeah I know the Grand Slam is the name of their biggest selling menu item so why not offer free coffee instead and keep the revenue to pay for the million plus dollar ad.

I saw Universal Studios is giving away 100,000 free tickets to its amusement park.  Budweiser is not giving away anything, but maybe they should. Bud is a dud and so were the ads.  It tastes like crap and being a rice based beer, pretty much gives everyone that drinks it the hangover they deserve for drinking it.  $27 million dollars in ads- ugggh. 

 I wonder what kind of beer the soldiers got in Iraq this Super Bowl?

“The beer started flowing an hour before kickoff, with each soldier allowed to drink two 12 oz. brews from their choice of six brands. The soldiers had been granted a one-time exception to a strict military ban on drinking alcohol in combat zones.”The Guinness went within minutes. It didn’t stand a chance,” http://www.buffalonews.com/nationalworld/international/story/566923.html 

For the most creative beer ad label ever, take a look at Nude Beer.  The bottle came with a sticker on it that after peeling it, shows boobs.  That’s what I am talking about in getting me to buy a product.  http://www.beerlabels.com/labels/labels.pl/4760/nude-beer.html  shows the label 5000 or so other ones.  It sure beats the hell out of the Queer Beer. http://www.beerlabels.com/labels/labels.pl/1895/brew-q-pale-ale-side-1.html 

http://www.gunaxin.com/ has a whole review of the entertaining side of the ads from the game and this feature with Dennis Leary summing up the making of shitty beer, “So months go by, of course, right? Now I’m eating pretzels and I’m thirsty. I go and open the refrigerator, I see a beer out of the corner of my eye. I grab it, I open it up SLUUURP! PHBBBBBT! Cran..berry ale. Cranberry nut crunch fucking ale! Let me tell you something, folks. Cranberries and beer do NOT go together, okay? One’s for bladder infections, one’s for getting drunk! I take a look at the label of my beer; you know what’s on my beer label? Santa Claus is on my beer label. I swear to God! Why don’t you put the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy on there, too. Call it ‘Pussy Ale’ while you’re at it, go ahead.”

Really, ya got to love Denny’s. Where else can you go to get chicken or a grand slam at 3 in the morning while you are drunk off your ass, even if it is from Bud?  No matter if you are in idiot, shit faced, stoned or whatever, as long as you’ve got money, you got food and tomorrow assuming you’ve got manners, during the morning hours- breakfast is on Denny’s.  

Hard to complain about free food.  

BTW, draft beer not soldiers.

PS-  Louis Glunz Beer Inc., a Lincolnwood distributor, sent over 4,000 bottles of Schlitz beer to troops in Iraq. The free suds, along with 2,000 pizzas from Lou Malnati’s, were packed up Friday and flown overseas courtesy of DHL, an international express mail service.

Maybe Denny’s ought to send the soldiers a free breakfast next time.

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