We get the whole spring rain, nasty winter crap but this is cray! Heading to basement.


It’s too wet to plant. Believe you me tried, now have a tractor stuck in mud. The rain meter is completely full, meaning more than 14 inches of rain has fallen in May.

While we have 3 pond/lakes on property only one has been stocked with goldfish & Koi. Pretty cool when they jump, not so cool when the herons show up n eat them. I am a firm believer in heron kill season, but it’s against the law- sigh. I aim overhead and off they go.

Lots of things blooming. Grape vines & fruit trees look ok after the harsh winter. Today found a lonely Alum (?sp) related to garlic family. Nice surprise.


Sad for the Pittsburgh Penquins. Pens lost series after leading the series. Guessing a coach & goal tending change.


Pool opens today- happy happy. C’mon over if you’re around FEMA #5. enjoying spring!



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New Pony on The Farm!

Ten degrees? Spring my butt. Warming up the day knowing we have a new pony. He is a purebred mini Shetland. It’s only 7 months old, all black, sweet little thing so far! Hope all of the other critters play nice with him. Here’s some of the animal crew waiting for a meet & greet.


Test EOM



Weather or Geoengineering ?

First post since Wpress updated, bear w me & new buttons- ugh.

It’s winter, we get it- but this is just crazy. At the very least it is frigging cold. The birds are chirping and there is more daylight. Think the clocks roll ahead next week. No signs of a Robin bird yet- so we know 1.) they are smart birds and 2.) no early spring. Curse you Punxsutawney Phil- the groundhog who saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

Farmer winter weather forecast says- here we go again. Pix via NOAA.


California is getting slammed w much needed rain & likely mudslides. If that water vapor continues to gain strength on a path towards the Midwest, it’s going to mean even more snow. Currently there is a HUGE snow, ice event heading to the Midwest and over our farm. Maybe 10-12 inches of snow and freezing temps. Going to have to get some more milk, bread, etc., bc driving is going to be hazardous. Millions of folks are going to be impacted.

No doubt people are going to loose power, the homeless are going to need shelter. Monday will likely be a snow day w kids off school yet again. The animals coats are as thick as ever although our domesticated rabbit escaped after a goat knocked over her hutch. “Ginger Rabbit,” was crazy so she has a good chance to survive.

If u glance back up at pix, put on your tinfoil hat and ask if that is Mother Nature, haarp, geoengineering, cloud seeding or what? No answers, but dang sure looks ominous. Been noticing somewhat of a correlation to snow events in the Midwest & earthquakes in Chile & Alaska. Just a casual observance, but the antennae are up.

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Via iPhone on Feb 28, 2014. See ya in March!


Frozen Brakes!

Holy shit Batman, the brakes were all but frozen this morning. We started the SUV to let it warm up for the morning commute to school and piled the kids in with their 50 pound backpacks and began the day. There is a big heat wave of 6 degrees and the roads were passable until- shimmy shake yikes for the from end at 20 mph.

We pulled over and as it turned out our brakes, wheel wells and metal hubs were frozen in solid ice. I’ve been driving in the crap of winter for many years and have never, ever had to de-ice tires. With near frost bit hands and the snow brush handle we got it all cleared and made it safe.

Thing that gets me is why didn’t a sensor go off? Dang car indicator light pops up when icy conditions occur, when we need an oil change, a low tire indicator etc., but not when the brakes don’t work? Wtf GM?

Alas the SUV is a 2009 so maybe there is a hiccup. We have always only purchased USA branded and made. No more, looking for a nice Honda or Toyota w some sensors that tell me snafu ahead of driving.

Be safe friends and by all means give your tires a glance before heading down the lane.

January 30, 2014 via iPhone.


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